Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Colin is 3 Years old!

In the few months preceding Colin's third birthday a few new behaviors walked up and slapped us in the face. Intentional defiance and Attitude/back talk. Aside from a couple months of indecisiveness, two was pretty straight forward and actually a very enjoyable stage not terrible in any sense.. Three on the other hand looks like it is going to be much more challenging. Hopefully these new challenges will be as short lived as the indecisiveness was.Having your three year old tell you "NO, I'll tell YOU when you can cut it" while we are practicing with scissors is quite alarming, not to mention the public embarrassment issue when you ask him to please get up off the floor, it isn't a good place to sit and he lays down instead, prompting 50yr old single gay man with no children to give you parenting advice about getting children under control at an early age.

Enjoying his subway cupcakes at his birthday party.
Height and Weight:  34lbs -74%ile    38" - 54%ile  a bit reversed in terms of percentages from his earlier numbers.

Surprise! I new bed for Colin. Think he likes it?
Sleeping:Colin moved into the twin bed on his birthday and has done very very well. He also started insisting on wearing underwear to bed and I figured I would just follow his lead. We have had a couple accidents in the first few weeks when he was especially exhausted but for the most part he has done very well, waking up once around 11 or 12 to pee. Pretty much the same story at nap time, he either takes a 2-3hr nap or he just sits in his room and plays.. Occasionally I have to go in and scold him for pulling on the curtains. If he gets upset that is a sure sign he is going to fall asleep, or maybe just a sign that he is very tired. 

His actual birthday.

  • Daddy! This late in pregnancy it is hard to me to get on the floor and play with Colin for extended periods of time. When I have to get up and sit on the couch he typically asks when daddy is coming home.He loves having his daddy around and definitely misses him while he is at work.
  • MyGym/Swimming Lessons/The museum. Since Colin has been out of school we've had more time for classes and fun excursions. Generally it is easier for me to bring him somewhere else to play right now where I can sit back and watch. At home he definitely needs more interaction from me which is getting harder by the day. I have pictures from MyGym and swimming lessons to share when time allows.
  • Subway Trains. My goodness this child gets excited to watch the subway trains go by. He is likes to identify which train it is and then scream it out at the top of his lungs...this is usually amusing to other people the first time he does it but by the 11th time it starts to get old. Its all I can do to keep a lid on his excitement. 
  • Train tracks. Colin adores playing with his train tracks and trains. He got quite a few new trains for his birthday and loves them all. 
  • Strangers. Colin still takes a long time to warm up to new people. He isn't the child who will easily have a conversation with a stranger, in fact he is unlikely to even say his name or age when asked.. I try not to make a big deal about it. He is still young.
  • Scary or Emotional movies. I have been trying to find some movies that Colin will watch without getting upset and honestly it is harder than I expected. Disney movies are filled with parents dying or other frightening scenes. Poor kid gets very upset even at subtle emotional scenes. So far "Babe" has worked out the best. Since the scary parts are wrapped up in the idea of eating pigs generally they use terms like pork or bacon and he doesn't put that together with a pig so it goes over his head. Plus he finds the duck hysterical.
Getting ready to go to bed in the new bed for the first time.

New things:
  • "What are we going to do after my nap?" Colin uses the word nap to refer to both his nap and bedtime, which we are trying to help him differentiate but in the meantime we hear this question about 400 times a day. By the time Sean gets home I've typically lost my patience for answering it and will either turn the question back around to Colin or tell him we are not going to discuss it anymore.  Sean doesn't seem to appreciate my lack of patience but I can only take so much.
  • "But why" I told myself I wouldn't be the parent who says "because I said so"...I lasted about a week and then it was out of my mouth without even thinking. For the most part I'm still answering about 5 or 6 rounds of "but why?" before I can distract him from it but yikes this is not a fun game either.
  • Phonics. Colin is doing very well with phonics and is now starting to understand how words are made. He put up the bath letters C and T the other day and said "look mommy I wrote cat".. obviously he didn't but it is a good start. He also will try to read things in the environment. This past weekend he read the word "exit" off a highway sign.. Neither one of us has tried to teach him that word so I think it is true reading instead of memorizing.  It won't be long before we have to stop spelling in front of him...

First night in the new bed...approximately 2:00am

Colin is generally very excited and interested in the birth of his sister, although if you ask him outright he will say he isn't. We have read quite a few big brother books and he is very excited to hold her and help us feed her and bathe her.. I'm sure he is going to be rather disappointed with the abilities of a newborn but hopefully he won't get too discouraged. It won't be long now.  


Julie said...

annabelle is very sensitive to emtional movies/songs as well. she hates villians! i have had luck with the curious george movie. there are some slow parts but overall, she enjoys it.

hahaha, don't you love advice from non-parents? they really have no idea how willful children can be.

i am so excited that the phonics dvd's are working! i am looking forward to moving on from sight words, but we still have a ways to go.

i still can't wrap my head around that you're having a girl! i need to accept it!

Kristy said...

I love his bedding! Lukas almost had me talked into making a baseball blanket for Colin. I am making a dinosaur one for him and there was baseball fleece right next to the one he liked. I will see how this one goes before I attempt anything else.

Lukas says "What's next" all the time. He also refers to bed time as his "dark out nap."

I can't wait to meet my niece! I have more clothes for her!!!