Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Indroducing: Meghan Suzanne

Meghan Suzanne: born 8-19-11 at 5:49 pm weighing 8lbs 14.3oz measuring 20.5 inches

Minutes old.
Colin meets his baby sister for the first time.

He was so excited! Such a sweet moment.

Grandma Mo meeting her for the first time.

Sean and his baby girl.

Colin with his new doll to take home since Mommy and the baby have to stay at the hospital.

We have a nearly identical photo of Colin I will have to look for it.

What you can't see is the shirt says Ph.inisheD. My graduation gift to myself.

Our first morning home.

I thought I would put up her birth story first but it is taking me longer to write out than I hoped so I wanted to get some pictures up.  I realize that I am on facebook now and can put pictures there but I expect the blog to remain my primary mode of information distribution. I have just started putting a book together of all the blog posts from Colin's first two years which will hopefully include all of your comments as well. So for posterity sake I want to do the same thing for Meghan.  Facebook still feels foreign (and a little schizophrenic) to me since I was only signed up for about 11 hrs before I went into labor. I've had to turn off notifications since my inbox absolutely exploded. Lots more to come I promise. Sean and I are doing remarkably well managing our new family but as you can imagine sleep is hard to come by so we have been trying to take turns napping with the baby. I am feeling better everyday but the 1.2.3. punch of sciatica (worse than pre-delivery oddly!), being tattered and torn from a very quick delivery, and really bad postpartum uterine contractions (they were not this intense the first time!) have left me only operating at about 50%. We are getting there but 'free' time is still pretty limited. Sean is doing a great job, and even Colin is coping with this change amazingly well..the only jealousy we have see is minor (e.g. Daddy can you give the baby to Mommy so you can .....) and he is really mostly excited about having a baby around..sometimes over exuberant about it but this is better than the alternative. 
Lots more to come..


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

love the pictures but sad to hear you are having lingering medical stuff---hope you are feeling less back pain soon!!! Can't wait (of course) about Meghan's birth and Colin's transition into his big brother role.

Wondering if in your blog of her birth...you may state other names you pondered since with Colin we had a few you were thinking but with Meghan it was a surprise--just curious

Kristeen said...

I'm sorry to hear you're still in pain and dealing with recovery, but glad to hear that Colin is adjusting well so far.

Also, stop making me cry, STOP IT, STOP IT!! Those pictures are tear inducing, they're so sweet!

Nicole said...

I love the pictures!

Kristy said...

Great pics! Sorry for all the pain! Get some acupuncture or massage!