Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's in a name?

Sean and I went into the delivery room with a list of 6 possible names that we had agreed on.  It really took us a long time to come up with this list and there were many debates over it as I got more and more invested in the names I liked that he didn't like. I did share this list with anyone that asked but I never got around to listing them on the blog... I guess because no one asked... These were our choices kind of in order but not really (more like top three and bottom three):
  1. Meghan/Megan
  2. Tess
  3. Natalie
  4. Emma
  5. Leah
  6. Allison
 We both wanted to look at her before we choose the name.  After she was born things were so crazy that to be honest we didn't get much of a chance to really LOOK at her until we were up in the room and by that point it was getting late and we were tired so we didn't even begin the discussion at that time.  Then in the morning Sean left pretty early to go get Colin and I thought we would discuss the names while Colin was there, but 101 other things happened, we had pictures taken, the lactation consultant showed up, the nurse came by, the pediatrician came by, lunch was served..and we had a three year old running around! So before we knew it it was time for Colin to go back home with Grandma Mo (he didn't really bat an eye at leaving both Mommy and Daddy at the hospital again). We didn't even start talking about names until almost 2:00pm on Saturday, and it was mainly because we couldn't be discharged until she had a name. So we basically stood over her playing with all of our names trying to find one that fit. To be honest, none of our names seemed to fit right away, she was pretty swollen from her rapid trip down the birth canal and she was a bit of a fussbudget those first 24 hours.  All our names seemed airy and light while she seemed so sturdy and disgruntled. As the swelling went down and she started to actually look more like herself it got a little easier. The even bigger problem was that we never really had a solid front runner. Colin was my favorite name on our list but someone else used it for their own child three days before ours was born. I was sure Sean wouldn't want to repeat (as the overlap is on his 'side': a childhood neighbors child) but even Sean couldn't deny that he looked like a Colin. I think what finally tipped the scales was that Meghan has the same origin as Colin, it is an English name that people often think is Irish/Celtic but technically it isn't (obviously if we have more children the chances of finding yet ANOTHER name like that is pretty rare but I'm okay with that).  Anyway probably around 4:00 we agreed that we both liked Meghan best even if we weren't entirely sure it fit this baby at that point. Now we had to choose a middle name and that was an another debate.  We had decided that since Colin's middle name was after Sean's brother that this child's middle name would be a nod to one of the women on my side of the family. So our choices for middle names was narrowed down to:
  1. Kristine/Kristyn (after my sister Kristy)
  2. Suzanne (also after my sister, as it is her middle name, but it is also a nod to my aunt whom my sister was named for)
  3. Carolynn/Caroline/Carolanne (both my mother and grandmothers first names are Carol but my mother goes by her middle name, Joanne, which for the record is also my middle name)
Basically for Meghan we liked Meghan Kristine or Meghan Suzanne.  Here is where we got a little tripped up.. To me Kristine should be spelled Kristeen because that is how MY Kristeen spells it, however I didn't want to spell it that way because I wanted my sister to be the person we were honoring by using this name (since Kristy doesn't make a good middle name before Berry). I also was having a hard time with the asthetics of Meghan Kristine, the K was really throwing me off. I just wasn't a fan of MKB.  The final name in the coffin on that one was that we didn't really like the idea of both kids having middle names with essentially the same root. Plus I really really liked Suzanne as a middle name as it is so familiar to me as such.  So that was that.
Sometime around 5:00 pm we finally wrote it on the paperwork and announced it to the world. I apologize for the stress and missed sleep our delay caused people, it just wasn't immediately obvious to either one of us what her name was. Five days later she is definitely a Meghan, so no buyers remorse.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

wow that indeed was a lot of work and I guess I will forgive you for the hours I lost---it was great anticipation!!!

Did you though, when you had time alone think about the top name choice or were you so busy with other things?

I didn't ask for names because I thought perhaps you were keeping it a secret. I know you had stated when you had Colin for girls you liked Theresa/Teresa "tess" and Margaret "Meg" so I was unsure if those were still your 2 names.

I agree that Suzanne is a great middle type of name. And there are so many things that come into play, how does it sound with the first name, the last name, as initials...etc....I am already thinking of future boys names and we are not expecting any time soon but it took us way too long to come up with Nolan.

Kristy said...

I love the name and not just because it is my middle name! Sorry Kristeen!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

I had a dream while pregnant that I would name my daughter, Natalie Elyse, a name we never thought of before. Then when I talked to my g-ma before she passed and asked her a good name if we had a girl she said Natalie..I then thought we were definitely having a girl. It was very odd....

Kristeen said...

Honestly, I was sort of hoping you'd give her ANY middle name other than Kristeen spelled any other way. Of course, I know mine is spelled wrong, but it seriously might pain me to have to look at it any other way. I should also say that I mean no offense to any other Christine, or Kristine, I just have seen my own name spelled "wrong" so many times that, at this point in my life, those spellings make me itch.

Let's just hope she doesn't turn out like your sister ;) (Hi Kristy!)

Kristy said...

At least I am not a zombie Kristeen. I have all my digits and appendages intact, thank you.