Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meghan is 1 month old!

Almost a smile
Happy One Monthiversary Meghan! Although I have to say when people see her they guess that she is two months old and are surprised when I say she is only a month! She has gained three pounds since birth and is 1.5 inches longer. (I don't have height and weight for Colin at 1 month so I can't say how she compares)
Weight:11lbs 10 oz- 89th %ile
Height: 22 inches  59th%ile

Sleep: She is doing pretty well. On her best nights she sleeps about 5-6 hrs then 2-3 after that, but even on her worst nights she typically pulls off at least 4 hrs in the first shot. She also always goes right back to sleep after eating, only once has she decided to be awake for a while and that was because she went to sleep at 7pm instead of 9:30/10:30.  Daytime naps are totally unpredictable but she generally does very well in the morning (sleeping for 1.5-2hrs at a time) but from 3:00 on she only sleeps about 40 minutes at a stretch, which isn't terrible either. She is having more quiet alert periods these days and is even preferring to put herself to sleep with just the pacifier sometimes. This child plays by a totally different set of rules.
Profile: kissable cheeks!

  • Colin. Smiles are illusive right now but she will flash the for us, and often for Colin.
  • The car seat: We have another excellent traveler on our hands! (Not that she has a choice) You strap her into that seat and out she goes! That is where she is now, still sleeping after picking up Colin from school (car seat doubles as stroller). Ahh! Two kids napping at once! WINNING! =)
  • The high chair: The space saver high chair has a really deep recline to it so it lives on the kitchen table and she sits there while I'm doing things in the kitchen. She naps very well in this seat during the day.. oddly even though she sleeps great overnight in the bassinet she doesn't nap well in it. 
  • Daddy and Mommy: what baby doesn't?!
For Aunt Sue.

  • Gas: She isn't terrible about gas because she is generally a very good 'burper' but she does have some issues between 7 and 10 in the am with intestinal gas issues as she attempts to clear the poop she has been saving up overnight. 
  • Being made to wait when she wants to eat: who likes that? Poor kid sometimes has to wait a minute or two while I deal with her older brother.

I see you!

New and Notable:
  • Like I said before we are getting some social smiles but haven't caught the full smile on camera yet. 
  • Still tongue tied but it isn't interfering with eating so we are holding off for a few months before we get it clipped
  • She is finally taking a pacifier with some regularity (Avent ones like the ones Colin used). It generally takes her about 30 seconds to latch on to it but she takes it so that makes our life easier. 
  • We haven't tried bottles yet but that is on the schedule, I just have to get everything sterilized for the first use. I really am looking forward to letting Colin try to feed her (although obviously not the first time we try it!) so hopefully that will get going soon.

She wants to eat the tutu!
Credits: The term "monthiversary" was stollen from Stephanie Rezsnyak and the stickers on the onesie idea I stole from Kristeen, although I didn't make my own I bought them.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Going Strong

Megan will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and things are still going remarkably well! Meghan is a really good baby and Colin is an amazing big brother! He loves holding her and 'helping' with her, the only time we have trouble with him acting out is when we have company and even that isn't too bad.

We have started getting some social smiles but they are rather fleeting and hard to catch on camera. Here is one in profile that she flashed for her big brother. I brought out the crib quilt for her to lay on in the living room and as soon as I put her down Colin joined her and has done so every time since. I'm in awe of him.

Colin took this next photo, where Meghan appears to be flashing us a peace sign. He does seem to get a bit jealous when I try to take a picture without him in it. He is very likely to just stick his face or hands between the camera and Meghan. This is not a problem for me at all, I just take a few extra photos of 'just Colin' to make sure he doesn't feel left out. The boy likes having his picture taken.


just Colin

Here is one last photo of Meghan with her eyes open. So precious.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Kid Comparison: Early Days

The funny thing about having a second child is the constant comparison to the first. It can't be helped, people seem very curious about how similar or different Meghan is to/from Colin. I'm embracing this need to compare and have found some similar pictures of the two kids around the same age. For your enjoyment, here is a comparison of the kids.







Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Colin had his first day of preschool! Sean went into work late so he could help with drop off in case things didn't go well. Colin really did great for the first day. He didn't cry when I left but Dawn told me that he got upset shortly there after and she calmed him down and then he sat with one of his teachers and was fine by the time she left. It was a very stressful energy in the room since there were quite a few kids crying during drop off, even I got a little emotional after walking out of the room even though Colin was okay. He was very excited to see me at pick-up and told me all about the apple he painted (not sure if there was more paint on him or on the apple!) We quickly changed out of his school clothes so as to hopefully not pass preschool germs to Meghan. He got a special first day of school present when he got home (a left over big brother gift [thomas dvd] we never needed to pull out because he was so good!)

Same backpack as last year. All ready for the rain.

Looking a little nervous but not too bad!

There is the big cheese! A little caught in the flash unfortunately! It was a pretty dreary day.
The second day went even better than the first! He reported that he did not cry at all. I couldn't confirm that for sure but the teacher did say that he did well and was adjusting well to school. Hopefully, things won't get worse before they get better like they did last year. We'll cross that bridge when we get there I guess.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My two kids!

Today is our first day as a trio and it is going very well. The kids are trading off their needy periods well and I even have a minute to upload this picture that I took last night.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

So far so good.

We are just over two weeks into Meghan's life and so far things have been a fairly smooth transition.  I won't have both kids by myself all day until after the long weekend so that will be the real test but these last two weeks have gone better than I expected.
One of the few pictures with her eyes open. So far they are dark blue like Colin's were but the appear to be getting lighter in the center.

Colin has adjusted like a champ! He is totally in love with his little sister and is extemely sweet natured with her. The other day I watched him hand her a toy (her toy not his) while she was in the swing and heard him say "Here you go sweetheart." It was so sweet. The only real adjustment issue we are having (if you can even call it that) is that he asks to sleep in our room or in our bed on occasion.  He clearly is feeling a little left out since Meghan is sleeping in our room, but we have been able to redirect him explaining that everyone sleeps in the bed that fits them best and remind him that Meghan will be sleeping in his room with him soon enough.  This morning when we were discussing that Grandma Jo was going home today he asked her if she was taking the baby home with her. She of course said no that the baby was ours, and he moved on. I didn't get the impression that he wanted her to take the baby, just that he wasn't exactly sure what the story was.

Just watching her.

As far as Meghan goes, she has been a very easy going baby so far. She is just starting so show some discomfort when she is trying to get a burp out or prior to a large bowel movement, and the last two nights has not slept as well as she had been (she put around 5 hrs together for about 5 or 6 nights) but even with the gas disruptions she hasn't done that poorly. I haven't tried gas treatments (mylicon or gripe water) because it has mainly been overnight that she really has problems and I don't want to giver her something like that for the first time when I can't monitor her for an allergic reaction. I imagine we are coming to the end of her 'honeymoon' phase but honestly I will say it again, so far so good.  This child even wakes up happy on occasion and I don't even realize she is awake unless I come look at her to find her eyes open. As I type this she is just passing hour 2 of a nap and get this...she isn't even swaddled!! That was absolutely unheard of for Colin. In fact I would guess that he didn't pull off a trick like that until he was well over a year old. I never really thought of Colin as a very challenging baby because I was able to soothe him when he got upset (however Sean and I were really the only ones who could, my poor mother is still traumatized by her inability to comfort him while Sean and I were across the street at a Christmas Eve party). However, the comparison between him and Meghan is like night and day so far. Now at least part of that is because we know what we are doing this time around, but part of it is just their different temperaments.  I actually looked up how long infants should sleep because I was convinced she was sleeping too much. Turns out they should sleep 14-18 hrs a day and she is on the low end of that usually sleeping 14 or 15 hrs. Colin averaged 11 hrs a day (and this isn't just my memory, I looked it up in the baby notebook that I kept, and yes Meghan as 'a book' too..I'm not that relaxed the second time around that I could forgo 'the book', although it could just be my love of data that keeps me logging her every minute).

Snuggling with Daddy.

Other differences between the kids are that Colin was put on a feeding 'schedule' pretty early on (for a variety of reasons) and I didn't allow him to nurse more frequently than every 2 hrs during the day, and he would eat for 40 minutes straight (actually he would have gone longer if I let him), I didn't understand the concept of  'cluster feeding' until he was older.  Meghan has been allowed to cluster feed at her whim and has truly been fed 'on demand' (I thought I was feeding Colin on demand but only if he didn't demand to be fed within two hrs of the start of the last feeding). She is a much more efficient eater and will often only want to eat for 10 minutes before moving on and she often goes more than two hrs between feedings because she is asleep (like now).  So it is possible that part of the reason Colin didn't sleep that long was because I didn't cluster feed him in the evenings particularly when the milk supply is lower.

Colin asks to hold her all the time. I love it.
Her first trip to the playground.