Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Colin had his first day of preschool! Sean went into work late so he could help with drop off in case things didn't go well. Colin really did great for the first day. He didn't cry when I left but Dawn told me that he got upset shortly there after and she calmed him down and then he sat with one of his teachers and was fine by the time she left. It was a very stressful energy in the room since there were quite a few kids crying during drop off, even I got a little emotional after walking out of the room even though Colin was okay. He was very excited to see me at pick-up and told me all about the apple he painted (not sure if there was more paint on him or on the apple!) We quickly changed out of his school clothes so as to hopefully not pass preschool germs to Meghan. He got a special first day of school present when he got home (a left over big brother gift [thomas dvd] we never needed to pull out because he was so good!)

Same backpack as last year. All ready for the rain.

Looking a little nervous but not too bad!

There is the big cheese! A little caught in the flash unfortunately! It was a pretty dreary day.
The second day went even better than the first! He reported that he did not cry at all. I couldn't confirm that for sure but the teacher did say that he did well and was adjusting well to school. Hopefully, things won't get worse before they get better like they did last year. We'll cross that bridge when we get there I guess.


Grandma Mo said...

Very cool rain gear! Hurray for Colin!

Kristeen said...

He looks WAY too old in these pictures. Slow down Colin, you're freaking Aunt Smelly out!

Crystal said...

He is so grown up! I'm glad to hear school is going well so far and I hope it stays that way.

efalcone said...

Big day for Colin (and parents). So cute!