Thursday, September 15, 2011

Going Strong

Megan will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and things are still going remarkably well! Meghan is a really good baby and Colin is an amazing big brother! He loves holding her and 'helping' with her, the only time we have trouble with him acting out is when we have company and even that isn't too bad.

We have started getting some social smiles but they are rather fleeting and hard to catch on camera. Here is one in profile that she flashed for her big brother. I brought out the crib quilt for her to lay on in the living room and as soon as I put her down Colin joined her and has done so every time since. I'm in awe of him.

Colin took this next photo, where Meghan appears to be flashing us a peace sign. He does seem to get a bit jealous when I try to take a picture without him in it. He is very likely to just stick his face or hands between the camera and Meghan. This is not a problem for me at all, I just take a few extra photos of 'just Colin' to make sure he doesn't feel left out. The boy likes having his picture taken.


just Colin

Here is one last photo of Meghan with her eyes open. So precious.


Anonymous said...

I just knew it, yep I was positive he was going to fall in love and be a fabulous big brother. I have a feeling it will stick forever. I love the two of them on the quilt.

Anonymous said...

Whoops I forgot to tell you who wrote the above comment or did you figure it out. It was the one and only GG Markle

Kristy said...

I can't wait to see them again!