Sunday, October 23, 2011

Apple Picking Again.

Before I can get to the photos of this past weekends pumpkin picking adventure, I have to post the previous weekends apple picking adventure! Due to a series of cancellations we found ourselves with a free weekend. Since the week days seem a little like 'groundhog's day' around here right now I was really hoping to get away and do something fun. So I got in touch with some colleges friends who live in Massachusetts and they also had a free weekend so we drove up. The drive was only a bit over 3 hrs so we were able to get all the way there without stopping which was nice. On Saturday we joined another college friend and went apple picking (yes, that would make it two weekends in a row for us but Colin loved it and we didn't get nearly enough apples the first time so we were psyched to go again!)
Here are the pictures from apple picking. The pictures came into the post in a very strange order but I'm too lazy to rearrange them and frankly blogger doesn't make that part very easy to do so they will just have to be in a strange order.

Colin and Syler. Syler is our friend Sarah's son, and he is a year younger than Colin. Sean and I met Sarah our freshman year of college. She lived on the same floor as us...we sometimes pretend argue over who would get Sarah in a 'divorce' because we are both equally close to her and met her at the same time...
There were a few goats in a petting area of the farm. Colin had a particular affection for this guy.
Colin posing on the ladder used to get apples from the higher branches. This orchard was much different than the one we visited the previous weekend. Here the trees were almost like grape vines, where the trees at the first orchard were traditional looking trees (albeit low to the ground trees).

Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do...
Meghan was here too, although she doesn't make much of an appearance in the photos! We had to take a picture with the pumpkin tree, which completely threw me for a loop. I kept looking at it thinking "am I crazy? Pumpkins don't grow on trees... do they?"  They don't! They were all zip tied to the tree, someone went to a lot of trouble to do that!

 2 of our 3 hosts for the weekend, Brandon and Nolan. Missing is Elaine, my college suitemate for both freshman and sophomore year. Elaine is another friend we argue over possession of. I think I have the stronger claim since we lived together for two years. Sean disagrees.

Another sweet shot of cutie pie Nolan. I should mention that Nolan is a year younger than Syler and Meghan is a year younger than Nolan. We had every age represented that day from 0-3.

Syler posing on the ladder as well. Don't worry Sarah was right behind him.

Toddlin' around with his apple. Too cute.
The closest thing I got to a shot of all three boys. Three boys ages 1 2 and 3 are not easy to tack down in the same position.
Colin and Nolan with their apples.
This picture cracks me up. It just exemplifies what the first child experience is like. Both parents doting on the one toddler, I can't wait to compare this in a few years to what Elaine and Brandon's say 3rd child's experience is like. =) I remember Sean and I being exactly the same with with Colin at a year old.
Syler and Colin apple picking.
See! He loves the ones with leaves on them.
Syler and Sarah.

Nolan and Elaine.

Thanks for such a great weekend guys! Can't wait to do it again soon!

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Crystal said...

Loved the pics - looks like a great time! :)