Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meghan is 2 Months Old

Meghan is celebrating her two monthiversary with her first head cold. I knew it was only a matter of time since Colin was beginning to show symptoms of something last Friday. All of our hand washing and shirt changing (Sean and I would change our shirts after dealing with Colin before holding Meghan) was in vain, she still got sick. So far she just has a runny/stuffy nose, hopefully it doesn't turn into something worse than that. I'll probably take her to the doctor tomorrow just to be safe, she is due for her 2 month visit anyway (although she will not be getting any vaccines while sick!)  Anyway, on to her 2 month stats!
BIG Smile!

Weight: (check back)
Height: (check back)
Head to toe.

Sleep: Overall, this month has not been too different from last month, however in the last week or so she has started skipping her normal first feeding. Even if she still wakes up, she will accept the pacifier and go back to sleep until around 5. So we are inching toward 1 nightly wake up around 5 am. I obviously expect that to get worse while she isn't feeling well. She generally is asleep by 10 every night and rarely falls asleep while nursing which is great, no bad habits to break yet.

  • The bath! No matter how cranky and tired Meghan gets she always is completely content and smiley during bath time. She loves kicking her feet in the water and even enjoys having water poured over her head (although we don't pour it in her face).  
  • The pacifier. Thank goodness! Even when we thought we found one she liked it was still triky to get her to take it every time. On a whim I picked up a package of the ones Colin liked best and she took to that one (avent) even better than the first. Which is good because the avent ones have a real handle and a hygienic cover, which makes them easier to strap to her and keep clean while in the diaper bag.
  • Being put down. I'm not sure if this is just a typical 2nd child thing or her personality, but she does not need to be held constantly and sometimes she just wants to be put down and left alone to fall asleep rather than be held.
  • Snuggling. Odd that I can say that she is both a snuggler and likes to be put down, but it is true. When she wakes up from a nap or when Sean first picks her up when he gets home, she just loves to snuggle right into our necks. It is like she is saying "Oh you're here! I missed you!"
more tutu pics for aunt sue.

  • Being removed from the bath. Oh how she can howl when you take her out of the bath! If she really gets going there is no talking her off the ledge until I can feed her! Wow, we are often nervous she will wake Colin up, but if she has he hasn't complained yet.
  • Being scratched. Oops! The other day as I put her in the swing I must have bumped into Colin's easel because the felt board started to fall and would have landed on her head if I hadn't caught it. However, on my way to catch it I grazed the top of her head with my finger nail and left a small gash. Yikes was she upset! Sorry dear!
  • The snot sucker. This is kind of obvious, what baby enjoys this? It helps her breathe so it must be done but she is definitely not a fan.
  • Bottles. I'm not giving up on her yet but so far she hasn't figured out the bottle thing yet. I've tried a good half dozen types of bottles and nipples and one combination if held in the exact right position she has latched on to, but not for very long. We are still working on it.
New and Notable:
Blue eyes.
  • Smiles. They are much more consistent now and easy to elicit
  • Cooing. Nothing cuter than a baby cooing!! I'm hoping to get it on video soon. 
  • I don't know if I've mentioned it yet, but Meghan's 'book' was retired before she was 4 wks old. I kept a log for Colin's entire first three months hoping to find some logic in his sleeping behavior (there wasn't any), but after a rather difficult day where I felt ill and Colin was overtired and cranky I just had to let something go, and the log keeping was that thing. I tried using the baby timer after that but Sean wasn't really on board with it so I let that go after a few days too.  We are running blind with her but honestly, she is so easy going it doesn't really matter. 
cooing for the camera. Can you hear it?


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

I second she is such an easy baby. When she was here, she never made a peep!!!! I noticed you were not using the log but was unsure if you were mentally remembering to log later or were not using it. I hope we can have you all come back again soon!

Amy Lou said...

Oh she is precious! I like hearing how easy going she is and that she likes to snuggle :). And my gosh- that scratch could of been a lot worse if you hadn't saved the day, & her noggin!

Julie said...

what a little sweetie! she reminds me so much of colin. meghan is ahead of the game. annabelle just got her first (halloween)tutu the other day. rock it!