Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back to the Bronx.

We are always so busy in the summer that we miss out on the fun things right here in NYC. Now that it is fall we have full weekends with nothing planned, and this last one the weather was perfect for a trip to the zoo. We ended up purchasing a membership which will pay for itself in two trips so I'm pretty sure we will get our moneys worth out of it. Here are the pictures from our day.

I actually make some appearances in the pictures in this post! Colin and I took a second to pose with a giant rhino statue.
Sean trying to help Colin get a better look at the flamingos. Sean kept trying to focus it on one animal then hold it steady for Colin to look through but the second Colin got near it he pulled it out of position. Oh well we tried.
We actually had to wake her up to feed her after sleeping soundly in the stroller for nearly three hours. The combination of crisp air and constant motion kept her out for the count.
More little telescopes in another exhibit. He said  he could actually see the animals better looking through it this way (backwards), I never tried so I'm not sure if that is true or not but he certainly couldn't work the focus ring on the other side.
Colin and I rode a camel! It was surprisingly high up and frankly not very smooth ride. We did a whole lot of swaying from side to side.
Colin really enjoyed it! It was a rather short little track and Colin would have loved to go longer.
Fall colors on the Bronx River as seen from the zoo's train (tram?) ride. We actually almost got poop thrown at us by an elephant. I was sure she was going to toss the poop she was carrying in her trunk at the train as she ran aggressively over to us, but instead she just made an elephant noise and then walked away and played with the poop.
Sean had to carry her around to force her to be awake for a while.
This fish tank may have been Colin's favorite part. A trip to the aquarium might be in order! Good thing that is also included in the membership!!  I am so impressed with Colin's attention span. He will really sit and watch the animals for long periods of time (for a three year old).  We were probably in the gorilla exhibit (arguably the best exhibit in the park) for over a half hour just watching and talking about their behavior. It didn't hurt that they also had the telescopes in this exhibit too.


Kristy said...

Lukas would have loved the camel ride! I can't get over how much Colin looks like Sean as he gets old. He was such a mini-you and now he is a mini-Sean! I would totally throw poop if I was an elephant in a zoo!

Kristy said...

*gets older. Lukas is in my face for some more golden grams. He even put the bowl in front of the computer screen.

Kristeen said...

The part about the elephant poop cracks me up. Partially because... well, because it's about elephant poop. But also because the transition from that topic to Sean carrying Meghan makes it sound like Sean was carrying the elephant :)

These pictures make me want to head to the Bronx zoo. Very pretty!

AbbeM said...

We joined the National Zoo, as it pays for itself within about 3 trips as well. It's such a great way to spend the day with the kids!

Wynne said...

I think a zoo trip with the kids in the spring is definitely in order!! Ryan and I got a membership last year as well and have already paid for it twice over with visits (and the free parking!). It's about 15 minutes from our house!
We checked out the Aquarium over the summer and it was cute, but small and mostly outdoors (just so you know in cold weather).

Anonymous said...

I love your sister's comment, that is so Kristy, and she is correct she would throw poop. I don't know where I got this info but I have always figured camels swayed from side to side (my previous life that is where that came from). I love the bonnet.