Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween!
Two years ago Colin was a cowboy for Halloween, but only because I had to throw together a costume at the last minute because I couldn't get him over his fear of the puppy dog costume that I purchased for him. As it turned out he was totally adorable in his little cowboy outfit and it shifted my appreciation for the custom made costume. Last year he was so into baseball and David Wright that that costume was easy. (While I'm adding links, here is Colin's first Halloween). This year I had two to work with and I love the group themed costumes so I just had to do something matchy with Colin and Meghan. My sister suggested Peter pan and Tinkerbell and I knew I wanted to do it. I wasn't sure Colin would go for it since he didn't know who Peter Pan was but randomly in the opening commercial of a Handy Manny DVD that my mom recently purchased was a shot of Peter Pan jumping of a window ledge and flying into the air. After seeing that scene a few times (it is literally less than 2 seconds!) he was on board. Then I bought him the book and he saw that Peter Pan carried a dagger and that was the icing on the cake! So I went hunting for costumes. Nothing I saw was all that nice and you simply can't get a Tinkerbell costume in infant sizes. So I figured how hard could it be! Well! Having sold my sewing machine a few months ago after it sat unused for nearly 6 years I found myself with no plan, hand sewing and hem taping this costumes together. Meghan's went together very quickly, but Colin's tunic was a bit more complex.  I should mention that I have little to no experience making clothes of any kind! The end result wasn't half bad but there were a few moments where I wondered what I had gotten myself into.

I ended up finding a pair of neon green pj's that served as the base of Colin's costume. Turns out my color scheme is reversed from the tradition Pan, but I went with it anyway. I had intended on getting felt to make the tunic, hat and boots but no-pill fleece was 50% off so I got that instead. Thankfully, it is easy to hand sew! I played with some large paper for a long time trying to figure out the dimensions for the hat, and in the end I just started cutting the felt and tired something, realized it was way too small and started over. If you are going to 'make it up as you go' I suggest having LOTS of extra material. I spent a lot of time thinking "what would Grandma do?" since my grandmother is the original Martha Stewart and can do just about anything with anything. I figure I must have some innate crafting ability from her to have this come out as well as it did.
Here is a better view of the boots, and Colin is nicely modeling his sword. My cameras white balance was a little off and I had some rather large finger print smudges on the lens that I didn't notice until this morning, so the pictures aren't as good as they could be but you get the point. Colin's shirt was going to simply be a vest, but along the way I thought it needed sleeves (which I had to put on twice because I put them on at the wrong angle the first time). Once the sleeves were on I thought it needed a collar, and that one I had to think about for a long time before eventually diving in and just trying it. The boots and the belt were the easy parts!
The sword and wings were a last minute pick up. I bravely entered Party City on Oct 30th, since the wings I ordered were not arriving until Nov 3rd, and I never had a solid plan for the dagger. I survived and the line was only 10 minutes long so I figure I did pretty well. I'm thinking these wings worked better than the ones I ordered would have. I have yet to see them but my suspicion is that they are much bigger.
A better view of Meghan in costume. My favorite part of her outfit is the booties. These were another miracle throw together. The first one I tried was a total disaster so I figured I would have to buy them... seeing infant ballet slippers for $50 I figured I could try again! I googled a few things and got inspired and the second try worked perfectly. Thankfully I was smart enough to cut two before I started sewing! I missed my calling as a cobbler! I'm thinking I might just make her a few extra pairs! (If it isn't obvious the onesie and tights were purchased not made!)
Lest my head get too big from my success, take a look at what Dawn and Tom 'threw together' for their family. I will totally admit I had absolutely no idea who they were, having never heard of Mad Max or Road Warrior, but I was still impressed with the details of their costumes. (P.S. I say 'threw together' but they really were working on it for over a month!)
Colin and Leo.  At least I wasn't the only one who told my kid what he was going to be for Halloween instead of asking what he wanted! Thanks to the sword (for us) and the boomerang (for Leo) they weren't hard to convince! Got to love the accoutrements!
Honestly, everyone thought Colin was Robinhood, but I figured that was close enough.
Kip in the amazing goldfish costume his mom made for him.  Seriously! My competitive nature just throws up its hands! I can't compete with these people!
Cute kids!
Meghan slept through the entire parade and so everyone came over to see what she was dressed as and went "oh a little bear" I just ran with it. I wasn't undressing her and waking her up only to have her freeze! She was happy so I was happy. I got the pictures before we left the house!

The moral of the story is: If you are going to make it up as you go, have lots of patience, extra materials and low expectations and everything will be fine.


Grandma Mo said...

Becky, you silly girl, the customes are wonderful! You should be very proud of yourself. The little goblins wearing them are pretty wonderful as well!

Gma Mo said...

oops, make that costumes

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

wow---those are AWESOME. Perhaps I can start to think of a costume for next year since I totally overspent for the hour he was in the costume.

sam said...

So I totally thought the costums were store bought! You did a great job!

Amy Lou said...

you did AMAZING! I love the costumes and your kids are such great models! :)

Julie said...

i am impressed! you did an amazing job. i am sure you can see all the little imperfections, but to me they look perfect!

that makes me laugh that the daggar is what sold colin on the costume. BOYS! lol!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

how did that mom make the fish costume---that totally looks store bought----