Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meghan is 3 Months Old

Oops, this is late. The pictures weren't (okay maybe they were on the 20th) but the post is. Couldn't be helped unfortunately!
3 months old
Weight: 14 lbs 3 oz 
Height: 23.5 inches

Sleep: Pretty good. Her naps have yet to regulate, but she generally takes one or two morning naps between 9 and 12 for a total of 90 minutes I would say, an afternoon nap around 2 for about 45 minutes and an early evening for about 30 minutes. We have moved up bedtime to coincide with Colin's so we can get both kids down and away by 8. She had been sleeping 5 hrs at least but this is no longer an every night thing. She rarely gets up more than three times but I have to stop nursing in bed because it is way too easy just to fall back to sleep snuggling with her and this is going to come back to bite me I know it.
munch munch
  • Her hands. They are always in her mouth these days and she has much better control over them
  • The bath. She gets very fussy in the evening right before bath time, this is her way of telling us she is ready to go to bed. On two occasions now she has actually smiled when I asked her if she was ready for a bath. The bath takes my fussy baby into smiles and giggle and then it's p.j's and one last meal and she is out.
  • Her reflection. After the bath we usually play "Who's that baby?" in the bathroom mirror. She is all smiles and coos for 'that baby' (although in the early part of this month this was not true, she hated getting out of the bath and would cry so we didn't play any games!)
Happy girl in the bath.

  • Bottles. Oh man not another one! She is doing better but doesn't take more than an ounce or so and never gets into a rhythm. She will be forced to try once a day until she figures it out. This child must take a bottle, I will be teaching in the spring so she doesn't have the luxury of being picky.
  • Being buckled into the car seat when it isn't moving. She is totally fine once we start moving or if I just set her into the car seat briefly without buckling it, but if you strap her in and then try to say put your shoes on, forget it! scream fest. I now have to plan out our exits so I have everything ready to go before I buckle her in.
  • Being stopped at red lights. See above! Stop the car, start the crying. Although this is generally just for the first few minutes she is in the car after that she falls asleep pretty quickly.
Pulling away from the couch to try to sit up.

New and Notable:
  • Teething. The doctor confirmed she is teething, her bottom gums are swollen and raw and she is drooling quite a bit as well as munching on her fingers. I have given her a few teething toys to chew on but this seems to make her more cranky, rather than relieve the pain.
  • GIGGLES! Meghan giggled for the first time on November 3rd while we were all at a playdate for Colin and a couple of his little buddies. She was nursing and then just started smiling up at me so I tickled her a little and she started giggling. It took another week or so before Sean was able to hear it since she seems to only like to giggle in the early afternoon but not so much after 5pm when Daddy is home. Thankfully I was able to get those first giggles on my phones video camera so he could hear it (thank you Dawn for taking the video) but I haven't downloaded it to the computer yet.
  • Sitting up. Sort of. She can do the tripod sit and wants to sit up but she can't hold it very long before folding completely in half. She often will try to pull herself into a sitting position when she is semi-reclined, it is pretty cute to watch.
    Silly smile.


    Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

    I hope I can see Meghan and Colin again soon---did Colin start teething so early. How wonderful that you can get both kids down at about the same time. Allows you and Sean a few moments to catch up with one another.

    How many classes will you be teaching in the spring-that is exciting!

    Julie said...

    ah yes, i remember how annabelle would cry when the car was stopped. maybe it won't bother me the 2nd time around.

    such sweet pics. she looks just like colin!

    Kristeen said...

    I think I'm probably way off, but in the picture where she's trying to sit up, I see your grandma.

    And the last picture... woah. That could be Colin!