Saturday, December 31, 2011

Meghan is 4 Months Old!


Meghan is 4 months old! We have traveled nearly two weeks of this month and this has caused some set backs in Meghan's sleeping. Can't be helped I suppose, we travel frequently, but it is a bummer. We are hoping to get her back on track after the holiday travel. Since Colin had pink eye and Meghan has a runny nose we havn't gotten her weight/height checked yet.

Sleeping: Overnight sleeping is less than 3 hrs at a shot (often less than that even) and she often just wants to be snuggled. She prefers the company of mommy and daddy overnight to being in her bed, but she has good nights and bad nights. She usually naps 3x a day (sometimes 4) for about 40-50 minutes each time. If we are home all day she naps more consistently, but she also sleeps very well in the car seat/stroller. She doesn't seem to do as well if I have to transfer her into the stroller if we have to go get Colin from school.

  • Colin. I have some cute videos of Meghan laughing at Colin if I can ever figure out how to get another copy of the software to upload them from the camera. 
  • The bath. Still a big favorite! All things are better at bath time.
  • The TV. She is mesmerized by the lights, just like Colin was. If Colin is watching a show and we are in the room, it is hard to pull her gaze from the TV. 
  • Dirty diapers. She really seems to notice when she has a wet diaper. This seems like an obvious statement but Colin was never seemed bothered by it. Meghan's mood rapidly improves after a diaper change.
  • Teething. Bummer, another kid who seems to really suffer when teeth are on the move. 
  • Loud screams/noises. Colin has some trouble with volume control and poor Meghan seems quite startled by his random outbursts of loudness.
  • Bottles! She has done very well this month taking a bottle. I finally found a nipple that she likes and she took to it like she has been doing it all her life. Nothing special, just the new version of the standard medela nipple. I purchased a hand pump and it had the newer style in it, wala! Just in time for me to leave her for a few hours to give a talk!

New and Notable:
  • Her ability to sit up is improving, but she isn't stable at all. She is much happier during tummy time play than Colin ever was.
  • Colin started solid food at 4 months but Meghan doesn't seem to be showing are the readiness signs that Colin did at this age so we will hold off for a bit yet. She is very interested in the food we eat and wants to put everything in her own mouth but since she can't sit up on her own yet we are waiting.
My happy girl.