Sunday, December 30, 2012

Meghan is 16 months old.

Holiday craziness, I'm running a bit behind, but I have to get this up before the new year! This month as predicted has been a zoo.  But here is what the wee one has been up to this month.

High side pony.

Sleeping: She has made a solid transition to one nap a day usually from 11-1, but sometimes earlier. Her overnights have gone into the crapper with all the events this month. I've been in simple survival mode and therefore have let her get away with multiple night wakings, this will change soon.


  • Daddy Daddy Daddy. As I mentioned last month, Sean was gone for two separate weeks. By and large Meghan did well while Sean was gone, however the moment he was back if he so much as went to the bathroom without her she would break down in tears. 
  • The bye-bye song. MyGym has a goodbye song that starts with "bye bye hands" and ends with a "hip hip hooray". Meg loves to have me sing the song to her, and will request it by doing "bye bye hands", I'm pretty sure her favorite part is the hip hip hooray.
  • The potty. Meghan is currently going through a potty envy stage, or maybe its just toilet paper love stage, but regardless she is trying to pee on the potty multiple times a day, and is occasionally successful. Having returned from Christmas at Grandma's I'm not sure the "pee pee on the potty" march has the same reinforcing power it did while we were there and 8 people cheered, vs the 2 or 3 of us here at the house. 
  • Climbing. I don't think Colin was nearly the climber that Meghan is proving to be. She kept flipping over the safety bed rail onto the Colin's bed at my parents house. How much time do I have before she climbs out of the crib?
  • Crayons/Pens/Markers. Meghan invented her own sign for coloring this month, to communicate that she wants me to get the crayons and coloring books out of the closet.
  • Meet the Shapes. We started watching this DVD this month, and she is enjoying it, still loves baby signing time, but enjoying meet the shapes too.
More "post-nap" pictures.. Oops!
  • Daddy not being in her line of vision. See above.
  • Mommy taking her out of the car seat if she knows Daddy is also in the car. 
Dancing on the couch.
New and Notable:

  • The top two molars are now in. She has been fussy on and off, which could be the final push of the molars or the start of canines.
  • She is trying to say rectangle and octagon but they are mostly unrecognizable if she weren't pointing to the picture while saying it. 
  • I forgot to mention this last month but she is now running and attempting jumping but still in that oh so cute stage where she can't actually get her body off of the ground. 
  • Pretend play. She has started pretend play and it is so cute to see. She walks around the house with a baby doll and feeds her and pretends to put her to sleep (she makes the pretend snoring noise when she or the baby is pretending to sleep). 
  • Hair! We are getting to the point that we have to do her hair or else it gets in her eyes. I have no idea if I should cut bangs on her or just wait it out..  
What? You wanted me to keep this sticker on?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Meghan is 15 months old!

It is Cyber Monday, but instead of shopping I'm blogging. Month 15 was a long one! Halloween, then Thanksgiving, its been a busy month! The pictures were taken two days late because we had so much going on. I took them immediately following her nap in the hope of getting her to sit still for a bit, but that didn't really happen so the result was just the "I just woke up from my nap" look in the all the pictures.  If I thought this month was crazy next month is going to be crazier since Sean will be in Vegas for two of the next four weeks for training for work. I am not looking forward to that at all, Christmas is crazy enough, no need to throw in extra drama!

Where did those long legs come from? I will have to measure her to see how tall she is now.

Sleeping: Mostly the same as last month, still awkwardly adjusting from two naps to one. Some days she does one, some days she takes two. Just when I think she is moving on and just going to be taking one nap, she spends the next three days taking two. Her wake up time is moving around a bit too. I put the brakes on weaning in order to concentrate on getting her to sleep past 4am. For the most part it has worked, she mostly gets up around 5/530 to eat then sleeps until 6/630. She is tricky though because some days she simply isn't interested in food and that is a guarantee for a 4am wake up "starving"... I can give in and feed her or make her wait until 5, the later involves a lot of crying and complaining, which isn't fun for anyone.


  • Daddy. I have no idea how she will react to him being gone for a week. I hope it will be out of sight out of mind, because when he is around she only has eyes for him. She even gets angry now if I try to take her out of the car seat instead of him. She just shakes her head no and signs daddy over and over  again. Should I mention that this doesn't bother me in the least, in fact I much prefer not being the center of her universe.
  • Books. She love to be read to and is starting to memorize her favorite books and anticipate some of the "words" or motions. For example, in Goodnight Moon she says "shhuush" when you get to the "old  lady whispering hush". She also loves to sit quietly and read books by herself.
  • Music. Meghan loves to have music on and dance. One of these days I will put up a video, its pretty cute.
  • Video Chatting. She just loves when we get someone to Skype or GChat on the computer. We have our camera hooked up to the TV so she will often ask for someone to talk to her by saying hi repeatedly to the TV. Pretty cute. 
  • Cats?Dogs. She can now say both Sadie "deedee" and Griffin "geeden" and will follow them around the house making kissing noises at them and signing cat over and over again. She also loves to see dogs when we are out although she generally prefers the little ones. She will often sign dog after hearing a dog bark and it usually takes me a minute to realize that I heard a dog.
  • Brushing Teeth/Washing Hands. The girl loves the water.
  • Saying Hi to whomever is on the phone. I can not make or receive a phone call without her saying hello to whomever is on the other end...its cute when its Grandma calling, not so much when it is the insurance company.

Mom do we have to do this?

  • Being read the wrong book. She has some serious preferences when it comes to what books she wants to be read. I often try to sneak in a new one, since we have so many great books from Colin but she will have none of it. She is not quiet in her protests, and will resort to throwing the book on the floor if she has to.
  • Sitting in the high chair for more than 10 minutes at a time. She is very tricky to feed, not because she is picky, but simply because she won't sit that long. You really have to put new things in front of her frequently to keep her interested but this is quite counter to the way I feed Colin since he is supposed to eat the food presented to him, so it is a difficult balance. I can't just hold back on her the things that are already in front of him because she can see what he has so she checks to make sure everything is the same before she starts to eat. She notices inequalities with extreme accuracy! 
  • Putting on her coat. I suspect this has to do with the fact that we leave the house so many times a day, but she really gets frustrated with the constant wardrobe changes. I have attempted to compromise by sometimes allowing her to put it on in the elevator..this helps me too since she has less room to run away! It doesn't help the neighbors who can hear her screaming... (I'm exaggerating...a little)
  • Gloves. She will wear them for a bit but they generally don't last more than 5 minutes, which is tricky since we are out for about 30 minutes to get Colin to school and back.
  • Blankets. I remember this phase with Colin too, she acts like you are putting a torn bush over her when you try to cover her with a blanket! Also means she won't keep her ice cube hands under a blanket either.. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when it is legitimately freezing outside. I'm hoping not wearing gloves will be punishment enough and she will agree to keep them on.

Bed head...the bow didn't really help much I guess.
New and Notable:
  • Teeth: Both bottom molars are now in and the top molars are swollen but don't appear to be causing any trouble at the moment.
  • Sounds of the season. Meghan will now say HoHoHo and Gobble gobble, although she gets a bit of performance anxiety when performing for an audience or camera. She has done it over the phone for a few people. 
  • Words/Sounds..she will repeat sounds on command occasionally, so she is now repeating colors, like blue, purple and yellow, but doesn't produce them without being asked so far, and she won't try red or orange. You also have to catch her in the right mood for this. She also says uh-oh (pretty sure she was last month and I just forgot to write about it. She started saying just the uh part a few months ago, then would just say oh then eventually put them both together.


and now I've lost all control. Goggles can stand in for a mask if needed.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Silly Kids

A bunch of pictures here that don't really go together but don't really justify a full post of their own.. Some cuteness I couldn't resist sharing.

Meghan came up to me recently with a piece of paper in her hand, she took my hand and lead me to the living room where she climbed into a chair and then handed me the paper.. on that paper was a "9 month" sticker I apparently never tossed. I guess she decided she wanted to play photo shoot... So I played along...
Hopefully I don't have to mention that she is NOT 9 months old in these photos, shes about 14.5 months.. I thought she wasn't a fan of the photo shoots since she generally spends most of the time trying to take the sticker off, but I guess they are growing on her!
The cutest picture from the shoot!
One of Nutmegs current favorite activities is walking around with the super hero cape and mask on.  She generally prefers the red set, but will wear the green if Colin insists.

It is pretty stinking cute when she walks over and hands Sean or I the cape then turns around to have the cape put on her. Then she goes looking for the mask. She often tries to put it on herself but ends up putting the mask part in one hand and the strap in the other and tries to pass it behind her neck. After she gets it on she then goes looking for Colin's cape and mask and insists he put it on too. Generally he plays along...God help him if he doesn't!

The red cape was a store bought thing, but the green cape was a personalized birthday gift from Dawn and Leo. When I got the red cape I also ordered the masks that came in a two pack..they just happen to match (they are double sided, so we can also get a blue and black cape and we are still covered!)

Sometimes Colin prefers to wear the red set, although sometimes I think he is just trying to not be pushed over by his little sister...she wants him to dress up and he will, but he wants the set she has instead.
Siblings! We had a birthday party to go to and Colin insisted on wearing "something he never weared before" so I pulled a dress shirt out of his closet from Matusa. He loved it. The party was at Chuck E Cheese, and Colin as all too happy to share the rides with his little sister. Love his unselfish spirit.
Meghan REALLY wanted to ride the horse but there was always a line and she couldn't hold still long enough in front of the horse to keep her place in line. When Colin only had one token left he decided to get in line for the horse. I'm pretty sure it wasn't for Meghan's benefit but he was happy to let her ride along with him.
She isn't all too visible but she was having a great time. This wasn't just a simple ride, it was a game and Colin was supposed to steer the horse around the track...yeah that didn't happen.

Hugs for big brother.. Thanks for taking me on a horsey ride.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Some pics from our Fariytale Halloween Celebration. Unfortunately our neighborhood's Halloween Parade had to be canceled because the police department couldn't spare the personnel due to the storm. However, for the first time since we've lived here our building sent around flyers to put up to welcome trick or treaters so we took the kids around the building. They had a great time.  Here they are: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf!

Combo Picture!
Little Red! She wasn't a huge fan of the cape, so the pics were a little hard to get. I made the cape out of fleece to keep her warm at the parade, when we ended up with all indoor activities it wasn't such a hit!
Hood up. The pinafore was my favorite part of the costume but I didn't think to take a picture with the cape off!
I was surprised how many people had trouble figuring out her costume! I thought this was a pretty well known character!
She ended up wearing her dress shoes that I bought for Christmas. Her feet are growing fast so I'm a little worried they won't fit her by Christmas so we at least got one use out of them.
The Big Bad Wolf! He really enjoyed his costume.. I didn't make the nose obviously, but I was hoping it would help make it obvious that it was a wolf. One person thought it was a dog, but most people got the big bad wolf thing, even without getting little red riding hood.
Poor guy was sweating like crazy by the time we finished.
Family Photo Op! My mom was visiting since Sean had been in Boston, so we had an extra set of hands to take a picture of all of us.
In the elevator between floors. Meghan loved picking her candy then blowing kisses to the home owners.
Colin had a great time. Unfortunately there was only about one or two people per floor participating, but Colin had a great time searching for the fliers. Since he has been out of school this week we made our own Treat Bags. He did most of the web (I drew  it out and he traced it with paint, then I added a second coat), we did the spider together.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Meghan is 14 months old!

The kid's Halloween costumes are mostly complete so I can finally get this post published. I took the pictures on time but Meghan was super cranky that day so they didn't come out all that well, which made me even less motivated to get this published. Meghan is full of changes this month so there is lots to report, lets get to it.

Sleeping: She is slowly transitioning to one nap a day around 11 am, but it seems like she will do one nap and then the next three days she will go back to two then down to one again. It basically just makes it so I can never get anything (laundry in particular) done because I don't know when she is going to nap. Overnight she is still ok. She occasionally gets up at 4 and is hungry but mostly her daily wake up is around 5:50. She will sleep in until 7 maybe once a week just as a tease.

  • Books. I fight a daily battle with the book shelf. Meghan likes specific books and is happy to remove 10 or 20 until she finds just the right one.. still working on teaching her how to pick them back up again.
  • Bottle caps. Put it on, take it off, put it on, take it off...while mama prays she doesn't put it in her mouth... she loves to dig through the recyclables to find her toys these days.
  • Buckles. put it together, scream until I open it, put it together again...repeat.
  • Feeding the cats. She learned the sign for cat just so she could tell me she wants to give them treats. She also tries to "call them" by making the kiss face sounds.
  • Music. The girl likes to dance! Her best moves are dancing in a circle and the one foot stomp. So cute.
  • Super hero capes and masks. She likes to pull these out and have us put them on her. It is adorable.
  • Stickers on her shirt apparently! She was not pleased that I was trying to keep this sticker on her.
  • When the bottle cap or buckle won't come off/apart. Whoa, she pitches a fit if no one comes to her aide.
  • Barrettes. She isn't much of a fan, but her hair is getting longer so I keep trying to get her to tolerate them, before it becomes a big problem.

New and Notable.

  • Words: Hi ("eye"), bye("aye"), eye, cheese (sheese), Sadie (ay-ee), 
  • Waving and blowing kisses, she loves to say hello and goodbye to everyone, she blows kisses when she waves goodbye. She even preempts Sean's departure in the mornings and as soon as he has his work clothes on she starts waving to him.
  • Signs: I'm not sure I can name all the signs she knows at this point. She basically knows every sign in the three videos she cycles through. Here is my best attempt at a list. Dog, cat, horse, bird, fish, apple pear, carrot, more, wash hands, share, brush teeth, bath, sleep/tired, eat/food, go, all done, stop, wait, rain, snow, wind, game, I'm sure there are more but they aren't coming to me right now.
  • Her hair has gotten pretty long in the past month. Very curly in the back, but straight on top. 
  • Teeth. All eight in the front are in, and she is pushing her two bottom molars right now. She isn't too bad about it, we notice that she is fussy, but she has only required medication to help her sleep a couple times. 
  • She (and Colin too) had her tongue tie released this month. They put her under general anesthesia to do it and she came through the whole deal really well. She began testing out her new tongue only hours later.

Monday, September 24, 2012

FYI: Amazon Associates

As you may or may not remember/know, all the links I put up to Amazon earn me referral credits when you click through and order something (it has to be nearly instantaneous, if you pause and go get a glass of water between clicking and purchasing I loose the credit).  However, I just thought I would mention that it took me just over two years to earn $10 in amazon store credit. Surely, $10 more than I would have gotten without sharing links but I'm not exactly raking it in. I thought it was funny.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Meghan is 13 months old.

Here she is, my silly toddler! Meghan is really communicating non-verbally a lot more this month. She has picked up a bunch of new signs, and does a lot of pointing and vocalizing and gesturing. She knows her mind and tries very hard to make sure you know it too. Her hair also seems to have grown a lot this month, all of a sudden it is requiring some regular attention to keep it from looking messy. The color however I can't seem to put a name to, its not blonde or fully brown, it surely isn't red..The best description I can come up with is a coppery brass. She seems to be quite curly in the back but pretty straight on top.

Sleeping: Nothing new to report here, still sleeping well at night from 7:30-~6:00. Napping is at 9/930 and 2. She has twice experimented with dropping her afternoon didn't go well. Now that Colin has been back to school, her morning nap has stretched from 40/60 minutes to 90/120 minuets. I am loving that! Second nap is shorter since it generally occurs in the stroller as we go to get her brother,

  • Tops: put it on, take it off, put it on, take it off...repeat as needed. I have had to get creative with this to allow her to play and not get too frustrated. She seems to really like empty lipstick tubes or eye pencils, but empty deodorant containers are very frustrating. She is even starting to understand screw tops.
  • Dips. Ketchup, yogurt, you name it if she can dip it she is in heaven. Give her a french fry and she will repeated dip it in ketchup and lick the ketchup off, then when it is good and soggy offer Sean or me the fry to eat for her..YUM.
  • Brushing Teeth. This girl loves her toothbrush. I've started using this adoration to get her to take her vitamins (see Dislikes)
  • Daddy. The feeling is pretty mutual, these two crazy cats are pretty gaga over each other. I am in trouble when she is old enough to manipulate...
  • Babys. Real or in doll form she, all of a sudden, has really clued into other babies in the world. 
  • Baby Signing Time. She doesn't watch it nearly as much as Colin did at this age because more often than not if the TV is on it is tuned to Colin's programming, but I try to squeeze this in. She also isn't as cranky as he was at this age so I don't need to offer her a distraction. However, she has picked up quite a few signs even without regular viewing.

She is too cool for this sticker.

  • Her vitamins. She came up anemic after her 1 year blood work was done so she is on a new iron only vitamin. Wow I though the pain killer refusal was bad! I have moved the vitamins to the bathroom and trick her into taking them when she things she is getting her toothbrush. She likes to suck the water off the toothbrush so she opens her mouth for that and in go the vits...So far she doesn't seem to mind this method. At least I haven't gotten vitamins in my eyes yet.
  • Not getting everything Colin has. She wants each and everything Colin has, which is trouble when he has his own vitamins which are still too advanced for a child without molars to handle. This works to our advantage sometimes but more often than not, Meghan eats things that Colin doens't, not the other way around.
  • The stroller cover. I have only had to use it once since we've been back to school, but she seemed to be quite unhappy about it. Not sure if it was just a mood or if it was really the rain cover.. I'll find out I guess the next time it rains.

Button nose.
New and Notable:

  • Sign Sign Sign, Baby Sign! Wow this has exploded this month, let me see if I can even remember all her signs.  Daddy, baby, leaf, tree, more, all done, water, drink, eat, mommy (not consistently), shoes, go, horse, dog, brush teeth... I think that is it. They seem to come in groups rather than one at a time. She uses a few new ones a lot for about a week and then they drop off for a while only to pick up again a few weeks later. 
  • Fork and Spoon. She insists on eating the way everyone else at the table eats. I really only have one fork she can manipulate well (it is more of a spork) so it gets washed twice a day.
  • MOO! We have been working on animal sounds as we play with an animal puzzle. She is very good at mmmmmoo, but that is the only one she is repeating right now. 
  • Body Parts. She is the best at ear, and teeth and pretty good with nose and eye...she seems to be very interested her and my eye lashes all of a sudden so I'm sure she is going to pick up that label soon.

I couldn't choose between these last two shots, so you get a bonus!

Just FYI, it is time to start the Halloween costumes, I'm going to be busy for a bit!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Random Late Summer Photos

I have a bunch of pictures that don't necessarily justify a blog post on their own, so I figured I would throw them all together into one and update you on some of our late summer adventures. These were all taken on or after Meghan's Birthday.
We went to the Bronx Zoo on Meghan's actual birthday with Grandma Mo. They have some new baby giraffes on exhibit this season, so we posed for some pictures, unfortunately the babies aren't in the photos. The green monkey, now named Keke, was a gift from Grandma from the gift shop. Think he likes it?
More pictures with the giraffes. Meghan was sleeping soundly so we didn't include her in the photos.
Colin has had great interactions with the Gorillas in the past and this trip was no different. I wasn't with him because this is a no-stroller area and Meg was sleeping. Sean said after the photo, Colin turned back around and the Gorilla was right up next to the glass in his face. Shortly after the girl next to him pushed him out of the way and Colin got upset..Sean said it wasn't clear if he got spooked by the ape, or if the little girl upset him but heck if I was nose to nose with a gorilla I might start crying too!
Meghan feeding her baby doll. The doll, stroller and bottle were all birthday presents from us. We figured we should get her some girl toys since she was stealing other kids baby doll strollers on the playground.
Now that Colin is in school, I signed Meghan up for MyGym. She is loving it, and poor Colin is super jealous. Once more Meghan is prooving to be much different than her big brother. She still takes a few minutes to warm up to the space but nothing like Colin. She goes to the teachers without much issue and she tolerates "separation time" without the slightest hesitation.
Playing in the sprinkler section of our local park. Meghan loves the water so I knew she would be a wet handful in this park. Her hat was soaking wet by this point.
We went up to visit Sean's brother and his wife at their new place near Cape Cod. We had a great dinner in Plymouth where Meg had her first taste of New England Clam Chowder...She loved it!
One day we went to the beach. The weather was perfect for hanging out, but too cold for swimming. Sean and Chris spotted a pod of common dolphins swimming just offshore as we were leaving. Great day.
The next day we went into Boston and went to the children's museum. The kids loved it, and without our NY Hall of Science membership we all got in free! What a great way to spend the day. This photo was taken right outside, the kids liked the ducks and the "pirate ship".
Listening to Jack and the beanstalk with Uncle Chris. Colin is still talking about this story, but to be honest I had no idea where it came from until Chris told me what they listened too!

Wanted a nice shot of the kids together...NAILED IT, gotta frame this one (sarcasm)... but funny anyway.