Saturday, January 7, 2012

Favorite things for Baby #2.

I know you have all been anxiously awaiting this one. I have been bouncing this post around in my head for a long time, but am just getting around to composing it. Here is a list of my favorite things for my second baby. Some of these would also have also been good to have for my first baby too but I didn't, so they are new favorite baby things.

Britax B-Ready Stroller I can not tell you enough how much I love this stroller. This is my SUV for the city streets. I won't lie it is BIG, its got one heck of a footprint, but even fully loaded with upwards of 80lbs on those wheels it pushes and maneuvers like a dream. I LOVE how versatile it is. I can have both kids on it, or if I drop Colin off at school and go shopping I can leave his seat off and just carry Meghan's car seat in the top position. I can also leave Meghan's car seat connector on and Colin rides on it like a buggy board. Meghan's car seat can face forward or back, as can the front seat but not while the car seat is attached. When she outgrows the car seat we have a second seat that will fit it the lower position. LOVE IT. I also got a really good deal on it thanks to the free ride event. We got the second seat free and if you recall I got the car seat at 40% off. Awesome! I probably should have gotten it the first time around and saved some money, but I resold Colin's old stroller (that I got an amazing deal on) for $80 so I didn't do too bad.  One of the best features of the stroller is how well it deconstructs for transport. I was able to it it with all our luggage in the car by removing all the parts (including the wheels) and stuffing them into whatever space would fit. Did I mention that I love it?!?

Nosefrida Baby Nasal Aspirator .  Trust me, when I first learned about this thing I totally wrinkled my nose at it. Since Colin didn't get sick until he was almost a year old I never really needed it. Thanks to Colin being in preschool, Meghan got her first cold at two months old. I looked this up and bought it right quick! Holy Cow it works like nothing you've ever tried. One go around in each nostril and she is a happy camper again (not during, no she hates it, but after...ahhhh!) I highly recommend it. You just have to trust me on this one. Sean fears I will suck her brain out, but I'm pretty sure that isn't possible, the filter makes it pretty difficult to suck too hard.

Ergo Baby Carrier plus ERGObaby Infant Insert (which i was able to borrow). I had/have a few different baby carriers and this is hands down the best for traveling and maneuvering in the world. I have a Moby but out of the house it is a bit too cumbersome for me. The Bjorn is a back killer if you are using it for more than 20 minutes and my hotsling is good for a bigger baby but not a little one. This one is great. In fact, it has a weight limit up to 40lbs I think, and I kid you not I have put Colin in it in a pinch. I was already wearing it but had put Meghan down. Colin had an epic meltdown over something silly and wanted to be held. Since we were in a cafeteria like setting I still needed to push the stroller and carry a tray of food, if I couldn't pick him up he would continue to loose his marbles so I just picked him up, pulled the straps up and moved on with life. He wasn't exactly thrilled about it (more than likely because I said something to the effect of "if you are going to act like a baby I'm going to treat you like one") but he calmed down and I set him down, we paid for our food and off we went. My new mantra is "Roll with it." This carrier helps me do just that. Even Sean prefers this carrier now, despite the bulky look of it.

Primo Infant Bath Seat For Colin, we had a small stand alone bath tub that fit in the kitchen sink. We liked it but I sold it long ago and felt we needed something that would go in the tub so we could bathe the kids at the same time (presuming Colin is healthy). This tub fit the bill and I love it. We even bought a second one to live at my moms house (at $12 its worth it). We use it in and out of the tub when I just need a place to set her down briefly (e.g. to help Colin in the bathroom). It is still great now that she is semi-stable while sitting up. I can help her sit up and this seat supports her really well (obviously she is still unsteady so I generally keep a hand on her to make sure she doesn't topple forward). It is really a great little bath seat. It is supposed to fit in the kitchen sink too, but I'm just skieved out by the idea of her touching the same surface raw chicken (or other gross things) touches. Plus, in our house, the bathroom is warmer than the kitchen and this allows her to be deeper in the water than the old tub did.

Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet. Colin's bassinet was a hand-me-down which was no longer sturdy enough to reuse for Meghan. A friend in the neighborhood was selling this bassinet after both her kids didn't like it. I replaced the mattress in it and it has really worked well for us. I use it simply as a bassinet instead of attaching it to the bed, and I love that it has a higher weight limit than most other bassinets (23 lbs). We only have a 2 bedroom apartment so when Meghan graduates to a crib she goes in the room with Colin...I'm trying to put that off as long as possible in fear that they will wake each other up or Colin will decide to share something inappropriate (a pillow for example) with her in the middle of the night. I'm thinking she is going to get too long for this before she gets too heavy! I have also appreciated its potability, it folds like a pack and play so we have brought it with us for trips to the grandparents houses. I really like all the storage too, although the cats seem to have taken over the bottom shelf (bunk beds!). In fact I think a small portion of the customers use this bed for their pets!


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

cool items. I have already looked at double strollers. We have 2 in mind but I think we will go with the cheaper one although the one Brandon wants he really likes but it is outrageous, maybe we can find a good deal.

I was stuck b/w the Ergo or the Beco. I like my Beco but my friend will be done with her Ergo by the the time I need it and may sell it to me for a good price. Great carriers are a must!!!!!

Keep the fav. things for baby #2 coming (no pressure...just love knowing what else I may need).

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

question---we are thinking of the city select (that is Brandon's top choice) but it is SUPER expensive and out of our range. The city mini double is much better option wise but he liked the way the city select was set up.

Maybe I should look into the one you have although my concern is that with the ages so close, i am unsure if one kid would want to sit in the bottom long term that long since Nolan is not a kid I let walk anywhere.

Daisy @ Our Growing Family said...

Ah, another fan of Nosefrida! ;) We've been using ours since Aiden was just a few months old - all those allergies, and he would fight so much w/ the regular aspirators that we were always afraid we would hurt him. I ordered the nosefrida as soon as I found out about it. It made such a difference (and we were using it until last year!) And now it's my go-to gift for new moms, along with some safe lotion or something else. I always have to tell them, "I know it looks weird, but just give it a try!" Haha!

We also loved our Ergo, but Aiden would never use it w/ an infant insert. We had to wait until he could go without (and used a Moby until then). He hated that thing, but once he was big enough to go w/out the insert, he was a big fan. We still have ours waiting for the next one (and we actually used it w/ Aiden when hiking this past fall - even over 30lbs, it was fine carrying him and hiking up a steep mountain). ;)

I'm glad you mentioned the Primo seat... I've seen it and wondered how well it worked. We actually have their larger was ok when he was older, but we didn't need it as much by then. He didn't like it when he was an actual infant, so this other one might work better. I'll have to keep it in mind next time around!