Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Colin is 3.5 years old!

I guess I am moving to half year updates for Colin now, I unintentionally skipped 3.25 and didn't even realize I had skipped one until it was Colin's 3.5 year anniversary (on Jan 17th, which is when I took these photos). I made the mistake of telling him it was a special day and he decided half birthdays warranted cupcakes! The only cake mix I had in the house was red velvet, I can tell you I won't make that mistake twice.. I'm pretty sure those stains won't be coming out.

Sleeping: Colin sleeps through the night without having to pee about 80% of the time now. Occasionally we will hear from him around 4 or 5 but it is becoming less and less frequent. His naps are now limited to 90 minutes so we can keep him going to bed at a reasonable time. Pre-Meghan waking him up was a pain because he was cranky and my 'break' was over. Post-Meghan I get no break so having him awake doesn't make much difference. He can still be pretty cranky if I don't catch him at just the right place in his sleep cycle, but Meghan helps with that too since she is usually happy to see him.

  • Friends! Colin has become very interested in social interactions. Cooperative play has really taken oven in the last six months. Prior, he and Leo would often play near each other but not necessarily with each other, now, they will play games (hide and seek, and some form of flashlight tag) and complete each others story lines with the trains. It is really cure to watch (although it often leads to small spats as well when one or the other child isn't playing 'right').
  • Cake. Colin has discovered his sweet tooth and really likes cake. More than I even realized I guess since I wasn't expecting him to put a half birthday together with cake, I'm guessing preschool birthday party's are to blame!
  • Meghan. Colin really is enjoying his sister, the older she gets, the more he can get her to laugh and the more he loves trying. He went through a difficult adjustment period for about three months after she was born, but his behavioral issues were never toward Meghan. He has always been and continues to be very sweet toward her.
  • Sports. Colin is quite the mimic and will attempt to play whatever sport he sees. Right now that is football more often that not. Thank goodness he gets to play soccer once a week at school to help focus that energy. Most of the team sports start at 4 so maybe this summer we will be able to get him into something.

  • Meat. I don't really expect this to change anytime soon. 
  • Shirts going over his head. He will be fine about this for a while and then one shirt gets stuck and we are back to square one. You would think he thought he was going to drown when it gets stuck from the level of freak out.
  • That is it I guess!
New and Notable
  • It is official. Colin can read. I won't say he can read well, but he is absolutely reading and sounding out words. About a month ago we were in the car and he said "look, red", which I thought was in reference to a stop light until I looked where he was pointing and the sign said "No turn on red" When we arrived at our destination I pulled out his little magnadoodle and started writing other color names (which are not part of our sight word practice), he knew every color I wrote down, even differentiating between pink and purple, blue and black. He knew I was writing color names so that probably helped but still I was impressed. He has continued to do really really well, although gets very shy about it. It is almost like he knows that this is something out of the ordinary and is afraid to draw too much attention. He is also very fearful of being wrong but we are attempting to reassure him this is no big deal. I have some videos of him reading I will try to get up soon. One of the ways I know he is really sounding out words is by the mistakes he makes, saying 'oot' when the word is 'out' for example. Other mistakes are more 'memorization' errors, identifying Citgo as Chicago for example, since those words look similar. It appears Colin got my memorization skills, with Sean's 'stick to it-ivness', and the benefit of my near undivided attention during his every waking hour for three years.
  • Cute things he says:
    • "last weekend" refers to any time in the past, from 10 minutes ago to 2 years ago.
    • "glahmy fish" which means pelican...not sure why or how but he is consistent.
    • "after my nap" which can mean after his actual nap or tomorrow, he is clueless as to the difference. In fact he will often wake up from a nap and ask for his cereal bar and vitamins (his am snack).
    • "to-ma-though" instead of tomorrow
    • (I know I am missing some but I'll have to update as I remember)

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Kristy said...

Colin looks like a mini Sean in the first photo! Happy Half B-day Colin!