Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meghan gets solid food!

The little lady has started the solid food adventure as of Feb 1st at 5 and a half months old. We probably should have started a bit sooner but we honestly didn't have time! Meghan was more than ready and loved every bite! We moved her from one meal to two in three days because she was so eager for more. So far we have tried brown rice cereal, apples and bananas. Both apples and bananas were met with a 'tart' face the first day but she adjusted pretty quickly. Next up is squash and then probably peas. Thanks to my wonderful baby group, my freezer is stocked with a variety of organic baby food purees to try (including, pears, kiwi, sweet potato, corn, chickpeas, black beans, mango, spinach, green beans, squash, apple, zucchini). We all made a big batch and then traded (i love this neighborhood!) so we can progress through a wide variety of items without me having to do most of the grunt work and without being limited to what is sold in jars (n.b. I know and trust these women to follow safe and agreed upon preparation techniques)
Here are a couple photos of her venture into solids.


Gimme that spoon!

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Kristy said...

Poor thing! She is desperate! I want her to live at my house! Aunt Sisty got a little crazy with some gifts... oopsie!