Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meghan is 5 Months Old.

I could start each and every one of these posts with "Wow has it been that long already?" Meghan's infancy is just flying by. She is such a sweet, easy going kid I would love it if she could stay this little for just a while longer.

Her last height and weight was done at 4.5 months (keeping her healthy enough for vaccines is a challenge with a preschooler in the house, so we are often having to delay doctors visits). At that time these were her stats
Height: 26" (about 50th %ile)
Weight 16lbs 4 oz (about 75th %ile)
At five months old she is wearing 3-6 month clothes but will likely switch at 5.5 months to 6-9 months (carters 9 months).

Sleeping:Eh. Things are more or less the same, she generally sleeps in 2 hr increments at night, her napping is currently in flux but I think she is moving from 4 naps to 3 (9ish, 1130ish and 2 ish).

A favorite teether.

  • Colin. Big brother is always good for a laugh.
  • The bath. No matter how cranky she gets, when she hears that water running all is right in the world.
  • Her toes. Meghan found her toes this month, and she can't get enough, if her feet are bare they go right into her mouth. Every time I change her diaper I have to wrestle her legs back down in order to fasten the new diaper closed.
  • Anything in front of her that is not nailed down. She is very attracted to objects she can reach. It has become very difficult to hold her and eat because she is sure to grab, the plate, the fork, the glass on its way to your mouth..anything she can reach.

  • The food processor. For the most part she isn't that bothered by loud noises, but for one reason or another the food processor freaks her out. I've been pureeing a bunch of mangoes in preparation for a baby food swap and she isn't a fan. She goes full on startle, with wide eyes, arms flailing out to the sides and followed shortly by a whole lotta tears.
  • Anyone but Mommy from about 11pm-5am. If I pick her up during these hours she almost always falls instantly back to sleep. If Sean picks her up, all hell breaks loose.

New and Notable:
  • She is sitting up. I will often put the boppy behind her just in case, but for the most part I can sit her up and walk away.
  • She is little miss grabby pants now. If there is something in front of her she will grab for it and more often than not will throw it on the floor within seconds of obtaining it.

Still has those kissable cheeks!

I had no idea this was also on the camera, looks like Colin and his father have the same sense of humor.


Kristeen said...

That profile pic looks just like Colin!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

i have seen those teethers before but Nolan wasn't an oral type kid except for his pacifier. I will need to look for them for the next if we need a good teether.

Seems she is a very happy baby---so glad to hear that.