Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meghan is 6 Months Old

Ta da! She is 6 months old! And she is just a sweetie pie!
How can you not love that face?
Height : coming..i tried to get this done but there was a very sick child getting a breathing treatment in the room with the scale so we skipped it, but will have her full check up done this week.
Weight :
Sleeping: Not great, not terrible. a good night is 4 hrs followed by 4 hrs followed by 2. A bad night is 3 hrs followed by me falling asleep while feeding her and her spending most of the remainder of the night in my bed (oops).  I am somehow able to remain more of less unconscious while tending to her in the middle of the night.. I'm sure that will change as we move her into the crib but the time for that is now..

I love her expressions!
  • Eating! We started her on solids on Feb 1st and she has taken to them with gusto. She went from one meal a day to two a day in three days. We haven't gone up to three meals a day yet but she is likely moving there quickly too.
  • Colin. Still fascinated by big brother. 
  • Come here you!
  • The cats. She will actually get mad if she can see one of the cats but I don't get her close enough to touch them. She loves to bury her face in the their fur and 'snuggle'. Griffin tolerates this better than Sadie, but even Sadie tolerates it better than she did with Colin.
  • Daddy. We were away from Sean for four days. When I mentioned "daddy" to her you could almost see the wheels turning and her thinking "I know who that is, where is he?" as she looked around the room. Then when we actually got back she couldn't take her eyes off of him. I love it.
  • Mommy. I guess it should be said that she love me too! She now very obviously looks for me when someone else is holding her. She is still much better at being passed around than Colin was but she still likes to come back to mama.
  • Her toes! The second her socks come off her toes go right in her mouth. SO cute
Getting her toes
Dislikes:(I'm having a hard time coming up with any!)
  • Not being able to reach the cats...
  • Being confined to the car seat for 5 hours when it isn't nap or bedtime..We traveled out of our typical routine and boy did she let us know. I practically stood on my head to keep her happy. It took 6.5 hours and three stops to get from here to my parents. My trip home (leaving at bedtime) took 4.5 hours and no stops.

Is this my best side?
New and Notable:
  • She is rolling over both ways now. Back to front more than front to back but she can do both, although she doesn't do it for locomotion.
  • She wants to move so badly but has not figured it out quite yet. If you give her something to push against she will propel herself forward to reach toys, but can't yet do it without help.
  • Bouncing. Shes figured out that the our stationary entertainer is a bouncer and is just starting to find joy in jumping.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

she is precious. She has quite the expressions!!!

Do you think the cats are more tolerant because they are used to it or is Meghan more gentle? I only ask because Nolan can be quite rough with our cat although surprisingly the cat is the nicest to him.

Crystal said...

Great pics and I love reading these updates :)

Erin said...

There is no way she is already 6 months old. I refuse to believe that.