Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meghan's Baptism

We baptized our baby girl last Saturday. Thank you so much to our friends and family who came out to celebrate with us. We had such a great time! The whole process got off to a rocky start, the day before when they called to remind us about the pre-baptism class and I got into a tussle with both the office assistant and subsequently the pastor (over different and unimportant issues), and then the pastor made the class rather unpleasant (for different reasons again, having nothing to do with the phone call). However, we had a new parish priest for the baptism who was so warm welcoming and wonderful he just made the baptism a great experience for everyone. Add in sangria from Pio Pio and all is right in the world.

 Meghan gets anointed with oil. She was such a good girl throughout the whole ceremony. There were 5 other kids being baptized, one was around 5 but the others were under a year, and one poor little boy was not happy.

Meghan's Godparents: Sean's sister Lauren and our good friend Jayson. This priest had the Godmother hold the babies, which is different than how we did it with Colin, but I think that is how it was done when our Goddaughter was baptized.
I didn't realize it at the time but I love that Jayson was helping to support Meghan's head. (So cute!) Since Meghan loves the bath I was pretty sure she would do fine and she did! I also love that the priest asked Sean to pick Colin up so he could watch too.
Meghan getting anointed with chrism. After explaining that chrism is also used to anoint royalty he told us that it was made from balsam and olive oil and then allowed both Colin and Lukas to smell it. (See what I mean about warm and welcoming!) Despite the fact that there were five families there, we felt like it was a ceremony just for us.
 Meghan was such a good girl!
Meghan, her Godparents, parents and brother. It was a happy accident that we all coordinated so well. Apparently blue, grey and white are popular colors this season!

A great big thanks to my mom for taking all the great pictures!! During the rehearsal we were told that family had to remain in the pews at all times and could not move around to get pictures. Only the church hired photographer was allowed to walk around (from whom we could purchase a $100 photo book but would have no other access to the photos, um no thanks!) However, during the ceremony, friends and family with cameras were welcomed to come forward and move around freely during the ceremony. So thanks Mom!! Great job.


Erin said...

yeah! I'm glad that the day went so well, I'm sorry we couldn't be there.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Glad the day went well. I waved as I drove through the city---and wished you all to have to such a super day!!! Looks like you have a very nice church, despite a few hiccups the day before.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. It is so great he included Colin and even Lukas, I love it and how important. A day to remember and I know you will. We are sorry we were not there but it was for the best. Let's just say I feel it is better not to push the envelope. Beautiful family. Love you GiGi

Crystal said...

Such beautiful pictures and I love that Jay is the Godfather - so awesome! Looks like it was such a beautiful day :)