Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where have you BEEN?

Am I reading your mind?  I have disappeared from the blog, but don't worry it was only temporary. Remember that degree I got? In an attempt not to waste it I actually applied for a job, a real tenure track position! I spent all of November writing the application materials and all of January prepping for the interview. While the interview went very well, I have yet to hear anything which likely means they have offered the position to someone else. As I am so 'green' this would not surprise me, but the job description might as well have been written just for me so I had to apply. But now onto things you have been waiting for like Colin's 3.5 year post (did you even realized I missed that particular anniversary) and Meghan's 5 month post.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Hello...of course your #1 stalker has realized you have been absent from posts. I check 2 times a day thinking Meghan's post must be coming soon. I was unsure if you were doing 1/2 year for Colin but the more posts the merrier.

I will keep hope they offer you the position.

jaylen watkins said...

You are here in the blog. Each time someone read it.

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