Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Recent Random Photos

I just pulled some pictures off the camera and they are a total hodge podge of activities from the last few weeks.. Not enough of any one activity to make a real post out of so I'll just toss them all up in this one random post.

Recently while I was at a baby shower with Meghan, I sent the camera with Sean while he went bowling with Colin, Chris and his father... We don't have many recent photos of Colin with Uncle Chris so I wanted him to take the camera. This would have been a great photo, but unfortunately my camera isn't the simplest to operate and it is out of focus.
 This, however is an AWESOME action shot. I just love it, and will print it for the fridge. Colin loves bowling..actually Colin loves everything involving a ball!
 I wish this was in focus!! I love the expression!
 On Saturday, we went to story hour at Barnes and Noble. "Cookie Mouse", from the "If you give a mouse a cookie.." series. Colin is holding his own stuffed "cookie mouse".
A quick trip to the zoo in the nice weather...I took this one for you Mom!
The girls with the rhino statue. (I took a similar picture with Colin the last time we went), Colin didn't want to participate in pictures at this exact moment.

The boys with the real rhino inside!

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I love these pictures!