Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meghan is 8 Months Old

Eight months old! My goodness this has been the month of new developments, I hope I can remember them all! The biggest one is that she is now crawling!!

Height :
Weight :
(hopefully I will get this info at some point)

Sleeping: More of the same on the sleeping front. The month pretty much started and ended in about the same place but we went through a pretty nasty spell right in the middle. She is starting to transition down to two naps, but really only gets there on days Colin doesn't have school. His school pick up and drop off are prime nap time, but unlike her older brother, Meghan does not nap as well in the stroller as she does in the crib. Stroller naps are only 40 mins, while crib naps are generally longer. If the first nap is short she will likely take three naps, but if she takes a nice 90 minute nap at 9am then she will generally take another good nap around 12:30 and be done.

  • Daddy. He walks in the door after work and she makes a bee line for him. Pretty darn adorable to watch.
  • Balls. She really enjoys rolling a ball back and forth with a partner. The way she throws/rolls it back looks entirely unintentional, however she does it the exact same way every time so I guess it must not be. 
  • Anything of Colin's. Yep this is starting to be a problem this month as she can actually get to toys Colin used to be able to keep away from her. He is adapting quickly though, and anything overtly dangerous has been put away for now.
  • Eating with her hands. She is really trying to feed herself, but unfortunately her food is in puree form and not easily picked up (not for lack of effort on her part!). We do give her finger foods but since she hasn't had teeth until now I haven't pushed further than puffs yet. Her behavior tells me she is ready for more.
  • Bath/Shower. Since she is officially too big for her bath seat and bouncy seat, I started bringing her into the shower with me in the morning and she loves it just as much as she loves the bath. She finds the stream of water very interesting. She has no problem putting her face right in the water (another sharp departure from Colin's behavior).
  • Emptying Toy Bins. She loves to stand over a basket of toys and just remove everything from the basket. She doesn't seem to be too picky about what toys they are, she does it with her own bins as well as with Colin's bins of train tacks. 
Her expressions crack me up!
  • Having her face cleaned after meals. You would think I was washing her face with frozen sand paper she gets so upset about it.
  • Getting jammies on after her bath. The time between coming out of the bath and getting to nurse is a bit of a challenge some nights, which generally has nothing to do with her hunger level as I have tried feeding her right before the bath so she isn't hungry. She just wants to skip right over the getting dressed part and go right to snuggling.
  •  Waiting in the stroller. Sometimes she goes into the stroller a good five minutes before we walk out that door simply because I need to put her somewhere while I gather all the last minute things we need. She is patient for a few minutes but she lets me know when I've taken too long! In fact, she lets most of our floor know!
I think there is a picture of me as a baby making a similar expression... mom?
New and Notable.
  • She is crawling and crawling well. This girl gets around
  • She is pulling herself up! I think she could do this before she could crawl but since she was so rarely near something to pull up on we didn't really notice. Once she could crawl she wanted to crawl to furniture and stand up. This caused serious sleep disturbances as she had to check and see if she could still stand up ever time she started to wake up. It was just SO exciting.
  • She has two teeth. The first came through on good Friday and the second came through on her actual 8 monthiversary. So far her discomfort is manageable, but these are the "easy teeth" so I'm not holding my breath for the big ones being easy.
  • She can clap. She was clapping on command for a good two weeks, no she just waves her hands around when you ask her to clap...however if you catch her clapping she can do it again on command a few minutes later.
  • She can say Da da. Not with any intention but she has the letter worked out.
  • She is creeping along furniture and trying to stand without holding on. She is very very unsteady but she clearly wants to progress to walking sooner rather than later. 
  • SHE EATS MEAT! We tried chicken for the first time (chicken, apple, carrot puree to be exact) and she ate it right up. Very encouraging for what is to come!
Still very cheeky.


Abbe Macbeth said...

Happy 8 months to Meghan! She's getting so big - glad to hear things are going (for the most part) well! Hope to catch up with you soon.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Did Colin ever eat meat? I know he isn't a meat eater now but wondering if he never liked or grew to dislike it? She seems to be hitting milestones so quickly!!!! Love the pictures.

Becky said...

no elaine, colin never ate it as a baby either.. I kept thinking maybe it was just pureed meat he didn't like, but no.. he ate it twice in chili and twice in homemade chicken fingers but that was it.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

nolan loved so much pureed that he won't eat now. He ate any fruit or veggie and now he won't eat a veggie and a rare fruit here or there.

My next I am pushing these things differently rather than the hands off approach I feel I took early on. May not make a difference in the end but going to see if this one is less picky.

efalcone said...