Monday, May 28, 2012

Meghan is 9 Months Old

We hit this particular milestone while we were vacationing in Ocean City, so you may notice the pictures are not occurring in the usual location. More about the amazing vacation in another post, but for now lets see what Meghan has been up to this month.
Meghan is currently in one of my favorite stages, crawling and creeping but not yet walking, she is just the essence of a "baby", not an infant, not a toddler, a baby and I love it! She is so much fun right now. She is very interested in the world around her and just loves to figure things out and explore.

Sleeping:Naps are really all over the place, but I mostly blame her cold and teething. If she takes good naps she only takes two but if they are shorter than 30 mins, she will squeeze in a third. The total time spent napping is usually 90mins to 2 hrs. With the elusive 2 hour nap always occurring when I have to wake her up to go get Colin. Overnight has good nights and bad, we were 6 hours from starting to sleep train when she spiked a fever (of unknown origin, likely teething) so we had to cancel, then we left for vacation and now she is sick. Her days are numbered through for sure. Mark my words on this one, she will not be as 'easy' to sleep train as Colin was. 1) She is younger, 2) she has a stubborn streak and 3) I'll probably have to go it alone so Sean can get Colin out of the house for the worst of it. He is very sensitive to her crying and I would rather he not be in the house when I "ignore"
  • Daddy Daddy Daddy! I am currently no ones "favorite" and frankly I LOVE IT! Meghan simply adores her father and it makes me happy.
  • My computer. She was playing on the floor by herself happily until I pulled out the computer, now all she wants to do is try to get it... (6 hours pass)
  • Finger foods. She is going through the stage where she doesn't want to be fed and wants to eat on her own. I remember this with Colin so I think it is temporary. 
  • Anything we eat. Colin never went through this stage so its a new one for us, but she just wants whatever we are eating! Makes getting new foods into her easier, but also means she gets some other treat foods (like ice cream) earlier than I planned because how can you say no to her!
  • Sand and waves. Sharp departure from her brother here! She got her first touch and feel of the ocean and she loved it! In fact she kind of ate it up, literally.
  • Peak-a-boo. Always a hit with the kiddies!
  • Having her nose wiped. She has a little cold right now and getting her nose wiped is a miserable process.
  • Having her face cleaned. See above (or any month previous)
  • Being left behind. She has a pretty strongly negative reaction when I leave her with someone other than her father. She seems to get over it soon enough but it breaks my heart to have to do it.
New and Notable:
  • Standing unassisted. She can stand for a good stretch now (15-20 seconds) without holding on and without falling. She has yet to try to take a step but she is close
  • Walking and Running assisted. Last month she was pretty awkward with walking with help, this month she can really cruise with assistance. She can also walk pretty well holding on with just one hand.
  • Signing. It is really hard to tell if she is doing this with intent or not but she seems to sign milk and all done. She signs milk to mean both milk and water as far as I can tell so she may think it just means drink, or it could be completely coincidental.  While drinking out of a sippy cup she will hold up one hand and sign it, while I'm getting her ready to nurse she will sign it with one or both hands and occasionally while seated in the high chair she will do it. All done she seems to do when she is ready to get down from the high chair and looks more like arms in the air than the actual twisting wrists that makes up the real sign. A few other people have seen her do it and other people seem to think it is intentional but I'm still skeptical...
  • "words" : ish, yesh, da, ba, la, ma, ya, hiya, hi. While her father really wants to believe she says da da with intent I'm not sure of this yet either. She does say it when she sees him but she also says it randomly so it is hard to say. She also says other things when she seed him...
  • Her top teeth have been threatening all month but I haven't felt them break through yet. She spiked a fever and got very cranky on two occasions but they seem to move and retreat so they haven't popped through yet. Should be any day now.


Anonymous said...

oh wow...what a busy month for Meghan indeed!!! AWESOME pictures of course.-Elaine

Kristy said...

She is growing up too fast!