Friday, June 22, 2012

Meghan is 10 months old

I can actually say this month has NOT flown by. If feels like more than a month has passed since we were relaxing on the beach in Ocean City. This has been a fun month of developmental milestones for Nutmeg.
What a big girl!
Sleeping: This month we started sleep training Meghan. As of now she is going to sleep at night and at naps 100% by herself. Because of this her naps have solidified at 2 a day one at 9/930 and one at 1/130. One nap is usually 90 mins and the other is 40 mins but which is which varies. Overnights are worse than they had been..she is very clingy now at night and gets very upset when I try to put her down. I'm not sure if this is more related to the sleep training or her teeth and the sickness we suffered with this month... she will have to be overnight trained soon, but that part gets tricky with Colin in the room with her..
Her hair is getting a little longer and unruly. Not as much curl as Colin had at this age.
  • Mommy.  All of a sudden she is preferring me over Sean sometimes. Nice to be loved, but I honestly prefer it the other way! =) 
  • Balls. She loves to roll a ball around the room and chase it. Its adorable.
  • Books. This month Meghan's appreciation for books has really grown. She used to be very grabby so getting through a book was a chore, now she sits quietly while being read to, and appears to really study the illustrations. She also will sit and page through her books for long periods of time. Her favorite are the peek-a-boo books. 
  • Baby Signing Time. Meghan doesn't get to watch as much as Colin did, mainly because Colin monopolizes the TV time with his shows. However BST is the only show that really holds her attention. Most other shows she wanders out of the room in favor of trying to play with the cats dishes
  • The kitchen. I'm sure she only likes this room because she isn't supposed to be in there, but she loves playing in the cats water bowls and pulling cups and bowls out of the drawers and cabinets she can reach. Rather annoying.
  • Her echo. She loves to start yelling the moment we get into the hallway because it echos..I'm sure our neighbors LOVE this! The neighbors have a little boy a few months older who did this a few months ago, so sometimes I hope they think it is him!!
What were blue eyes are now more hazel...
  • Sitting in the bath tub. We had an incident this month, where she sat down hard onto the top of her shampoo bottle and hurt herself pretty badly. I babied her a little allowing her to not sit the next few nights because I figured the water hurt the getting her to sit is a full time job. I've had to stop bathing her and Colin together because I can't take my hands off of her. Hopefully I can regain control soon because the bath is no longer fun.
  • Daddy and Colin leaving without her. This girl throws a toddler size fit if Daddy and Colin walk out the front door and she doesn't go too. It scares me for what is to come when she actually hits the tantrum stage.
  • Having to wait too long in the stroller without moving. She has gotten a little more patient but she can still pitch a fit if I take to long.
She walking!
 New and Notable: 
  • Teeth. June 1st her top left tooth came through and June 15th her top right started to pop through. If you enlarge the photo below you can also see that her top laterals are also threatening..not sure if the bottoms or tops will pop through first but it certainly looks painful. She actually is handling it very well. She rarely complains about it and we even more rarely have to intervene with medication. I think I've only given her motrin twice this month.. I feel like Colin was on an IV drip of the stuff at this age..
  • Walking! She took her first steps (two) on June 15th, and over the next few days has done very well. She rarely will do it on command but often just lets go of furniture and walks across the room. She also does really well just standing for long periods of time.
  • Peeing on the potty! This is more a case of predictability than actual toilet training but its noteworthy none the less. She had been peeing on the floor in the bathroom whenever I took her diaper off while I filled the tub...I could have just stopped taking off her diaper and let her pee in that but instead I put her on the toilet while I fill the tub. She delivers more often than not! She has no idea what is going on but I figure it can't hurt right?
This is her 'over smile' but it shows her teeth really well.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meghan takes her first steps!

On June 15th while we were out on the "grass" (astroturf in the school yard across the street), Meghan decided she didn't like the feel of the turf on her knees, so she walked two steps to me rather than drop down to crawl. I tried for days to capture this on video and ending up with almost 30 minutes of footage of her not walking...She just kept being distracted by the camera and not "performing". I finally tricked her by turning the video on to record but leaving it alone on the tv stand just pointed at her. It worked! Here she is taking 8 steps!

Meghan Walking from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

While technically she started during her 9th month, Sean feels it is cheating to say she started walking at 9 months old since she was so close to her 10 'monthiversary'.. so we will just say she started walking "just shy" of 10 months.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On my Reading list...

This book was mentioned in my Parents magazine this month and it is by my favorite author, who wrote The Happiest Baby on the Block. A book we would not have survived Colin's infancy without.  The few tips they gave in the magazine that are from the book really had me wishing I had this book before Meghan was born. Once again I feel into some sleep training failures that I could have avoided if I only knew!

For example, one of his suggestions is to respond to baby immediately when she wakes up crying, but provide loving care for one minute (rocking, cuddling etc) before offering to nurse... (I forget what age he suggested starting this at or if that was even mentioned)

If you are about to give birth (Elaine, Sarah...) I would really recommend checking this book out to see what he has to say! I obviously haven't read it yet but Elaine's comment made me think of it so I figured I would post the suggestion for all.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Phase One of Sleep Training Meghan.

I interrupt the video backlog posts to bring you news of Meghan's first phase of sleep training. Over the last few weeks, many signs have pointed to the fact that I am simply falling apart under the strain of sleep deprivation. Day to day I feel okay, but my ability to focus on something, or switch tasks quickly or multi-task is abysmal. So after an unexpected cancellation we found ourselves with a free weekend to devote to Meghan's first phase of sleep training. Having done this with Colin (at 15 months) we wanted to use the same routine, phase one- putting herself to sleep, phase two- nap time, phase three- overnights. Meghan's "good nights" consist of three wake ups (11/12, 2/3, 4/5), where she nurses back to sleep generally in about 5 minutes but is up for the day around 5:30. Meghan is a much different nurser than Colin was so I have always suspected that she takes in a large portion of her daily calories overnight, when she is focused on nursing (yes, for her 5 minutes is a long nursing session!)  I have hesitated to take those feedings away from her, hoping she would eventually eat more during the day and not need to eat overnight (ha!). Anyway, the time had come. Her normal bedtime routine looks like this:
Brush teeth
Read Books
Get held/walked/sometimes nurse again
Go to sleep
Placed in crib
After re-reading the book Sleeping Through the Night we decided that I would go about her normal bedtime routine, but stop with her nursing session and then pass her off to Sean for books. This would break her association with me holding or nursing her again and hopefully lead to less resistance for a new routine. Sean read her books and then kissed her goodnight and left. I was expecting a big fight from her but night one she cried for 8 minutes, night two is was maybe 30 seconds, and night three (tonight) I only heard a mild protest that lasted less than 10 seconds. I was honestly very worried about how Colin would react to her crying while we "ignored her" but it was mostly a non-issue because she didn't cry that long and with the baseball game on he was distracted enough that he didn't really notice.
So far, overnight she has been a little odd. The number of night wakings is the same but at that last wake up around 3 she does not want to be put down. That is very unusual for her as she isn't really big on cuddling while sleeping. So while I was hoping for better sleep I've gotten is still early yet though so we'll see. Next week we will train her naps, I don't really think that will be much of a problem at all. Then after that goes well, we will work out the plan for overnight...that is a little trickier as Colin is in the room with her I'm not sure how long I can let her cry without waking him up..generally she doesn't wake him up at all so I'm hoping that trend continues. We will be trying out Colin's first sleepover at a friends house soon so hopefully that will be the night we start overnight training.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Videos- Continued

Meg is sitting with Aunt Sisty getting tickled and loving it!  So cute.

Giggling with Aunt Sisty from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

Here is Colin reading one of his sight word books. This is about a month after we figured out he could read, obviously it is early in the process but he is getting better and better every day. He amazes me to no end.

Colin Reading. from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

I didn't take any videos with the regular video camera in February so I had to pull something off my phone's camera. The quality isn't great but she's still cute!

Bouncy! from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Serious Backlog of Videos!

Ooopps! My Aunt gently reminded me that it had been awhile since I put up a video! Yikes I am seriously behind. I am going to post some recent ones first and then hopefully get some older ones up in the near future.

March: Colin playing with Meghan as she laughs HYSTERICALLY.

Hysterical! from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

April: Gimme a D, Meghan's version!

Gimme a D! from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

May: Meghan playing "catch". Well really she is just tossing the ball. It looks like an accident but she does it consistently all the time.

Toss me a ball! from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

Friday, June 8, 2012


The week in between Sean's graduation ceremony and mine, we took a celebratory vacation to Ocean City MD. Last year Sean and Colin had a great time in Myrtle Beach while I worked in a cafe for the whole vacation, so I was kind of looking to recreate that beach town vacation. Unfortunately, the week we went it was warmer in NYC than Ocean City but we still had a great time. Here is the story of our vacation in pictures.
I like to write in the sand! After I wrote this one I realized it was actually Meghan's first vacation period, but I went with it.

She just dove right in! She struggled in my arms until I conceded and put her down in the sand. We only intended on taking a quick walk to survey the territory, but both kids dove into the sand with gusto so we hung out and took a few pictures.

Just a couple of kids and their Dad on the beach.  Note, Colin is wearing socks! After we had to throw them out he agreed not to wear them anymore)

Colin loved the sand, but wasn't too keen getting within 100ft of the water... Meghan was less cautious..I wonder if this will be the story of their lives or just the current state.

This vacation was a steady diet of beach, condo, pool, rinse, repeat!  It was so great!

Colin really loved the pool, he asked over and over and over to go and was really pretty brave about going in. We picked up the swimmies at the grocery store just to see if we could give him a taste of independence in the water. It took him a second to figure them out but he really enjoyed being able to navigate the water without help.

Meg liked the pool too, although we had a really hard time keeping her face out of it. She really wanted to drink the pool.

This was our condo, that is the ocean in the background and if you looked to the other side you could see the bay. A few of the walls were all mirrors, so from a few places in the condo you could see the beach and the bay at the same time. The condo was really great, top notch accommodations. (notice we kid proofed their upholstered chairs!)

The downside of the niceness of the condo was the constant fear that one of the kids would break something or make a mess of something. A few scuff marks on one of the walls was the extent of the damage (thank you Mr.Clean Magic Eraser for taking care of that for us). We also lived in fear of the tile floor, which Meg crashed onto once, but all in all the condo was perfect for us. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, beach view, bay view, indoor pool..If you are interested here is a link to the property.

We did spend one chilly morning on the boardwalk, had lunch and ice cream despite the chilly wind. There were tons of kites flying in the wind reminding us that we had actually brought one down with us.

Colin really liked the kite, but it was so easy to fly, he kind of lost interest after a few minutes.

This is probably one of my favorite photos of the trip. Their joint attention and expressions are perfect. A cute moment captured on film, err disk?

I had also picked up this little foam plane with a sling shot type "flinger".. Colin had a hard time actually getting the two pieces coordinated but he really enjoyed watching and retrieving the plane. He looks so big in this one to me.

 We also went strawberry picking while we were there. This is something I've always wanted to do with Colin but never had the time. Colin really enjoyed it, although I'm pretty sure his favorite part was the wagon ride not the actual picking part.  I had thought the berries would last long enough to bring home and make jam. Nope, I made jam the next day right at the condo! We are still eating it now and it is SO good. I hope we get to go berry picking again so I can make some more. (I used a low sugar no pectin recipe and it tastes just like strawberry shortcake sauce or ice cream topping...maybe I'll do another post on jam)

This is one of about 20 pictures of berries that Colin took (I re-cropped it slightly). He picked up the camera and just started shooting. He isn't too bad!
Meghan fell asleep in the car on the drive over to the farm. She easily transferred to Sean's back in the Ergo and didn't wake up until we were just about done.

Colin may have eaten his weight in strawberries while in the field. Poor Meghan is still too young for strawberries so she was quite miffed to miss out on them.

Just a few more pictures from our last trip to the beach. The water was pretty chilly but Meghan wanted nothing more than to walk in the water. Her pants were pretty wet by the time we got upstairs but she didn't care.

She loves her daddy! You can tell by our outfits it wasn't exactly warm on the beach but we had fun anyway. The one downside worth noting was that we happened to coincide with "Cruisin' Ocean City" which is an event for all the classic cars. I knew ahead of time that was the same week, but I had no idea how HUGE of a deal it was. People lined the street from dawn to dusk watching the cars drive by, I just didn't see the draw but different strokes I guess. As far as we were concerned this event was loud and smelly and caused lots of traffic.

Cute kids in a beach chair...can you tell they are related?
 (this chair was provided by the condo owners in a beach locker, we didn't bring it with us)!

Another favorite photo! This one just cracks me up. Sean was commiserating, Meghan was probably mad because he wasn't putting her in the water.
One last picture just so you don't think she was really upset!

It was a great trip..I'm feeling very relaxed again just remembering it.