Friday, June 8, 2012


The week in between Sean's graduation ceremony and mine, we took a celebratory vacation to Ocean City MD. Last year Sean and Colin had a great time in Myrtle Beach while I worked in a cafe for the whole vacation, so I was kind of looking to recreate that beach town vacation. Unfortunately, the week we went it was warmer in NYC than Ocean City but we still had a great time. Here is the story of our vacation in pictures.
I like to write in the sand! After I wrote this one I realized it was actually Meghan's first vacation period, but I went with it.

She just dove right in! She struggled in my arms until I conceded and put her down in the sand. We only intended on taking a quick walk to survey the territory, but both kids dove into the sand with gusto so we hung out and took a few pictures.

Just a couple of kids and their Dad on the beach.  Note, Colin is wearing socks! After we had to throw them out he agreed not to wear them anymore)

Colin loved the sand, but wasn't too keen getting within 100ft of the water... Meghan was less cautious..I wonder if this will be the story of their lives or just the current state.

This vacation was a steady diet of beach, condo, pool, rinse, repeat!  It was so great!

Colin really loved the pool, he asked over and over and over to go and was really pretty brave about going in. We picked up the swimmies at the grocery store just to see if we could give him a taste of independence in the water. It took him a second to figure them out but he really enjoyed being able to navigate the water without help.

Meg liked the pool too, although we had a really hard time keeping her face out of it. She really wanted to drink the pool.

This was our condo, that is the ocean in the background and if you looked to the other side you could see the bay. A few of the walls were all mirrors, so from a few places in the condo you could see the beach and the bay at the same time. The condo was really great, top notch accommodations. (notice we kid proofed their upholstered chairs!)

The downside of the niceness of the condo was the constant fear that one of the kids would break something or make a mess of something. A few scuff marks on one of the walls was the extent of the damage (thank you Mr.Clean Magic Eraser for taking care of that for us). We also lived in fear of the tile floor, which Meg crashed onto once, but all in all the condo was perfect for us. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, beach view, bay view, indoor pool..If you are interested here is a link to the property.

We did spend one chilly morning on the boardwalk, had lunch and ice cream despite the chilly wind. There were tons of kites flying in the wind reminding us that we had actually brought one down with us.

Colin really liked the kite, but it was so easy to fly, he kind of lost interest after a few minutes.

This is probably one of my favorite photos of the trip. Their joint attention and expressions are perfect. A cute moment captured on film, err disk?

I had also picked up this little foam plane with a sling shot type "flinger".. Colin had a hard time actually getting the two pieces coordinated but he really enjoyed watching and retrieving the plane. He looks so big in this one to me.

 We also went strawberry picking while we were there. This is something I've always wanted to do with Colin but never had the time. Colin really enjoyed it, although I'm pretty sure his favorite part was the wagon ride not the actual picking part.  I had thought the berries would last long enough to bring home and make jam. Nope, I made jam the next day right at the condo! We are still eating it now and it is SO good. I hope we get to go berry picking again so I can make some more. (I used a low sugar no pectin recipe and it tastes just like strawberry shortcake sauce or ice cream topping...maybe I'll do another post on jam)

This is one of about 20 pictures of berries that Colin took (I re-cropped it slightly). He picked up the camera and just started shooting. He isn't too bad!
Meghan fell asleep in the car on the drive over to the farm. She easily transferred to Sean's back in the Ergo and didn't wake up until we were just about done.

Colin may have eaten his weight in strawberries while in the field. Poor Meghan is still too young for strawberries so she was quite miffed to miss out on them.

Just a few more pictures from our last trip to the beach. The water was pretty chilly but Meghan wanted nothing more than to walk in the water. Her pants were pretty wet by the time we got upstairs but she didn't care.

She loves her daddy! You can tell by our outfits it wasn't exactly warm on the beach but we had fun anyway. The one downside worth noting was that we happened to coincide with "Cruisin' Ocean City" which is an event for all the classic cars. I knew ahead of time that was the same week, but I had no idea how HUGE of a deal it was. People lined the street from dawn to dusk watching the cars drive by, I just didn't see the draw but different strokes I guess. As far as we were concerned this event was loud and smelly and caused lots of traffic.

Cute kids in a beach chair...can you tell they are related?
 (this chair was provided by the condo owners in a beach locker, we didn't bring it with us)!

Another favorite photo! This one just cracks me up. Sean was commiserating, Meghan was probably mad because he wasn't putting her in the water.
One last picture just so you don't think she was really upset!

It was a great trip..I'm feeling very relaxed again just remembering it.


Anonymous said...

looks like a SUPER trip and you all definitely deserved it after all your hard work. The place looked super and looks like you made the best even if every day wasn't "beach" weather. -Elaine

Kristy said...

Looks like a great time!