Friday, June 22, 2012

Meghan is 10 months old

I can actually say this month has NOT flown by. If feels like more than a month has passed since we were relaxing on the beach in Ocean City. This has been a fun month of developmental milestones for Nutmeg.
What a big girl!
Sleeping: This month we started sleep training Meghan. As of now she is going to sleep at night and at naps 100% by herself. Because of this her naps have solidified at 2 a day one at 9/930 and one at 1/130. One nap is usually 90 mins and the other is 40 mins but which is which varies. Overnights are worse than they had been..she is very clingy now at night and gets very upset when I try to put her down. I'm not sure if this is more related to the sleep training or her teeth and the sickness we suffered with this month... she will have to be overnight trained soon, but that part gets tricky with Colin in the room with her..
Her hair is getting a little longer and unruly. Not as much curl as Colin had at this age.
  • Mommy.  All of a sudden she is preferring me over Sean sometimes. Nice to be loved, but I honestly prefer it the other way! =) 
  • Balls. She loves to roll a ball around the room and chase it. Its adorable.
  • Books. This month Meghan's appreciation for books has really grown. She used to be very grabby so getting through a book was a chore, now she sits quietly while being read to, and appears to really study the illustrations. She also will sit and page through her books for long periods of time. Her favorite are the peek-a-boo books. 
  • Baby Signing Time. Meghan doesn't get to watch as much as Colin did, mainly because Colin monopolizes the TV time with his shows. However BST is the only show that really holds her attention. Most other shows she wanders out of the room in favor of trying to play with the cats dishes
  • The kitchen. I'm sure she only likes this room because she isn't supposed to be in there, but she loves playing in the cats water bowls and pulling cups and bowls out of the drawers and cabinets she can reach. Rather annoying.
  • Her echo. She loves to start yelling the moment we get into the hallway because it echos..I'm sure our neighbors LOVE this! The neighbors have a little boy a few months older who did this a few months ago, so sometimes I hope they think it is him!!
What were blue eyes are now more hazel...
  • Sitting in the bath tub. We had an incident this month, where she sat down hard onto the top of her shampoo bottle and hurt herself pretty badly. I babied her a little allowing her to not sit the next few nights because I figured the water hurt the getting her to sit is a full time job. I've had to stop bathing her and Colin together because I can't take my hands off of her. Hopefully I can regain control soon because the bath is no longer fun.
  • Daddy and Colin leaving without her. This girl throws a toddler size fit if Daddy and Colin walk out the front door and she doesn't go too. It scares me for what is to come when she actually hits the tantrum stage.
  • Having to wait too long in the stroller without moving. She has gotten a little more patient but she can still pitch a fit if I take to long.
She walking!
 New and Notable: 
  • Teeth. June 1st her top left tooth came through and June 15th her top right started to pop through. If you enlarge the photo below you can also see that her top laterals are also threatening..not sure if the bottoms or tops will pop through first but it certainly looks painful. She actually is handling it very well. She rarely complains about it and we even more rarely have to intervene with medication. I think I've only given her motrin twice this month.. I feel like Colin was on an IV drip of the stuff at this age..
  • Walking! She took her first steps (two) on June 15th, and over the next few days has done very well. She rarely will do it on command but often just lets go of furniture and walks across the room. She also does really well just standing for long periods of time.
  • Peeing on the potty! This is more a case of predictability than actual toilet training but its noteworthy none the less. She had been peeing on the floor in the bathroom whenever I took her diaper off while I filled the tub...I could have just stopped taking off her diaper and let her pee in that but instead I put her on the toilet while I fill the tub. She delivers more often than not! She has no idea what is going on but I figure it can't hurt right?
This is her 'over smile' but it shows her teeth really well.

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Anonymous said...

Nolan loves to pee in the tub, it is his favorite thing to do. He asks to go potty before his bath but then pees in the tub.

Looks like she has had quite a month of milestones.