Friday, July 27, 2012

Colin is 4 YEARS OLD!

Here he is! My eldest, my first, my 4 year old son! I am so proud of the little boy he is becoming, he has a kind heart, a joyful spirit and an unending supply of energy.  I have to constantly remind myself that he is still just a little boy, since every time I look at him all I can see is how "old" he is! 

Right after some birthday ice cream at Dads Ice Cream.
Sleeping: More often than not Colin sleeps without having to use the bathroom. On the old occasion he does have to go he now comes and gets us rather than just starting crying in bed. He is capable of going by himself but prefers help in the middle of the night.  He usually naps about 30% of the time now (resting more or less quietly in his room the rest of the time), but that will be coming to a halt in September when he starts preschool full days (9-3, 5 days a week!). Presumably he will still need to nap on the weekends but who knows.

  • Sports. Any sport, anytime, anywhere. This boy will play it, pick it up quickly and more than likely surprise everyone around him with his natural ability. He picked up a set of kids golf clubs recently and started swinging like Tiger Woods (to my untrained eyes anyway!). He recently shocked some other parents at a kids birthday party when another dad started pitching to him, one hit soared well over his head and with another Colin hit a line drive square into his unsuspecting daughters chest as she stood next to him. Thankfully it is a foam bat and ball, but the boy is pretty good for his age to say the least. 
  • His "baby". This is how he refers to Meghan sometimes. He recently asked me if I thought he took good care of "his baby"..I tried to correct him and tell him that she was my baby and his baby sister but he would have none of that, she was his baby. He is an excellent big brother, I really look forward to watching their relationship grow over the years.
  • His father. I don't blame him for his love affair with his father, he has a pretty awesome dad! 
  • Traveling. He has gotten to the age where he remembers and discusses our family trips and he is constantly requesting to return to "Chicago" or "Ocean City" (our most recent trips). His memory actually surprises us with the detail and accuracy for different events or places. 
  • Juice. Colin's favorite thing about birthday parties is probably cake, but a very close second is the juice that always seems to be provided. It isn't something we keep in the house simply because he will drink his calories instead of eat them, but he is allowed to have it when we are out, and he trying to take advantage. He also likes vitamin water and "gatorator" and sometimes tells us he is sick in an attempt to get us to buy him gaterator.


  • Separating from Me. Colin is doing summer camp this year and has had some trouble with the transition. This is something we have to practice since he will be going to a new school in September. He does better every day but it is hard to leave him in distress. I continue to do everything I can to prepare him and he often tells me "I'm not going to cry today"... We'll get there!
  • Meat. He keeps trying when we ask and will often say things like "I don't like chicken yet"  indicating we've got him brain washed that this will change at some point, so he needs to keep trying.

Smiling despite having strep throat on his birthday.
New and Notable

  • We now have quite the little reader on our hands. No longer is he shy about it, and sometimes doesn't realize that other children his age can't read, sometimes asking questions about things they don't understand because he read it somewhere nearby.
  • The boy is a pretty good game player now. He loves Uno and Candyland as well as other card games. We often play UNO as a family after Meghan goes to sleep in the time before Colin has to go to bed. His card holder plays a huge role in keeping things running smoothly.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

how are you feeling about him going to full day preschool?

Julie said...

do you think that his reading ability is attributed to your work with him and the preschool prep series? or preschool? or is it just something he is interested in? i haven't been so great at keeping up with the PP series, but i would love for annabelle to be able to read like colin!

Becky said...

Elaine- Colin is ready for full day. All on his own he decided to start staying full days on all three of his preschool days when around January of last year. He liked it and asked to stay so we let him. Five days a week is a new thing for him but I think he will roll with it.
Julie- I attribute his reading ability to a few things 1) His crazy ability to memorize things. 2) His love of being read to from an early age. 3) Preschool Prep Co videos as well as signing time which puts the written word on the screen along with the sign and picture which made him aware of those "patterns" (the word) having meaning pretty early. I give zero credit to his actual preschool, they didn't work on reading, nor did they realize that he could read. Reading was always a game for him, memorizing words and having us be shocked and impressed when he knew them, it wasn't a big jump for him to start to figure out how to read new words. Preschool prep co videos really held his interest from a young age so the building blocks for reading were laid pretty young. (Sorry that was a long answer)