Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Uncle Sam!

The typical NYC July 4th scene is a bit too crazy to attempt with two kids (heck I think we stopped going long before the had kids!) So last year we found a cute little town called Haverstraw that puts on a really nice July 4th celebration, and the best part is they don't seem to do it on the actual 4th (too much traffic)! This years celebration was last night. Sean got home from work, changed his clothes and off we went. Since we were dressed in festive attire, I tried to get some nice shots of the family, not all four of us since no one was around to take it but various combinations. Mostly the shots failed miserably, but even in failure they tell a cute story.
Playing with Daddy.

Feeding the baby birds.. When Colin saw I was hand feeding Meghan he wanted to be fed too.

Fist bump and tongue out, this girl is going to be a rocker!

Colin loved that he and Meghan matched. Yes, I am "that Mom" that puts her kids in matching outfits, I LOVE it.

Photo with daddy... the kids are almost paying attention.

Maybe we can get a nice picture with Meghan walking...

...or maybe not...

ok then lets try for holding for one more Meg!

This is the best we could do.. "nailed it"

Megs face says it all "Seriously guys? I'm outta here!"

Hope you enjoyed the photos, and your own July 4th celebration!


Kristy said...

Nailed it! Can't wait to see you guys again next week!

Gma Mo said...

Just when I thought they couldn't get any cuter....

Crystal said...

Beautiful photos Becky - looks like a great time with the fam!