Friday, August 3, 2012

Colin takes swimming Lessons

During that crazy week in Syracuse, Colin was supposed to take swimming lessons. However, because of strep throat we missed the first two classes. I was really unsure of how Colin would do, coming into the class totally in the middle without any previous experience with this class or set up. I have to say, he was AWESOME. He missed so much of the intro stuff (like "this is a kickboard") but he rolled with it as best he could, and he did every single thing they asked him to do. His biggest acomplishements : jumping into the deep end and swimming to the bottom of the shallow end of the pool and picking up a diving stick. He is not "swimming" yet but the building blocks are all there, if we get some more pool time I'm guessing he will put it together soon. Here are a few pictures from the lessons.

Life jacket practice
Swimming with one of the instuctors
Jumping into the deep end!
Colin was awesome at being "still as a statue" during the backfloat.
I have some videos of him and Lukas (who also took lessons but was in a different class) jumping into the pool but that is for another time.

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