Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meghan is 1 year old!

Little Nutmeg is 1 year old! I can't believe it. What a wonderful year it has been! Sean finished his Ph.D, we both walked in our graduation ceremonies, Colin turned 4 and we went on a couple well deserved family vacations. Meghan has been such a wonderful baby, I can only imagine she will also be a delightful toddler. She is learning and growing so quickly, I wish I could just stop the clock on her sometimes.
Happy Birthday Meg!

We went to the doctor so I have her stats this month.
Height: 31 inches (95%ile)
Weight: 21lbs 10 oz (60%ile)
For reference, she is smaller than her brother at this age he was 32inches and 23lbs 12oz.
She is currently wearing 12-18 month clothes and size 4/4.5 shoes

Sleeping: THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! We finally finished sleep training and she is now a pro. For a while this month she was waking up at 5 and needing a reminder that in our house 5am is not the morning, but for the last week or so she has been sleeping until 5:57ish so we get her up. She goes to bed around 7:30pm. I would really like to get another hour out of her and have her sleep until 7 but I think that will come once she is weaned. She is napping twice a day around 9 and 1:30 for about an hour each time. Occasionally she will sleep 90 minutes but lately that is pretty illusive.


  • Go go going! This girl does not like to hang out in the house, which is just fine with us. She likes to signal her request to leave by bringing me her shoes, climbing into the stroller or banging on the front door. I feel badly if it isn't time to go and have to explain that to her, she often isn't happy.. but I love the look on her face when I ask her if she wants to put on her shoes and go. She gets very excited.
  • Music/Dancing. She does a pretty cute one foot stomp dance that we just got on video the other night.   This is in addition to the normal toddler bounce dance. 
  • Brushing her teeth. More specifically she likes sucking the water of the toothbrush at the end and then returning the brush to the water stream for another sip. Some nights it is difficult to pry the brush out of her hand.
  • Feeding herself. This is just messy, but she really wants to use utensils to feed herself like the rest of us do. I can't let her try every time because frankly I don't always have enough patience and will power to clean up the huge mess that she makes while she eats. So far we have tried to give her the sticky foods like apple sauce and cottage cheese, things that stick to the spoon a little bit even if she doesn't hold it level but it still gets flung all over the kitchen.
  • Stuffed Animals. She likes stuffed animals a lot now and doesn't have the same fears about them she did last month. The hobby horse is still in the closet because she loves it but is terrified of it but all other animals are good now.
  • Books. She still really loves to look through her books. I fight a daily battle against the book shelf as she pulls all the books out and I have to put them back. 
  • The bottom drawer of the kitchen buffet. This drawer has all the kids utensils and sippy cups in it. It is the only one she can really reach so she loves opening it, taking things out, putting them in her mouth and then throwing them on the floor.. another messy activity.


  • Taking medicine. This has been going on for awhile I just never mentioned it. She really hates being force fed meds. I have gotten infant motrin in my eyes more often then not as she raspberries it back into my face. 
  • Having toys taken away from her by Colin. This one is causing problems, it usually goes like this: Colin takes a toy away, Meghan throws a fit, I intervene and give the toy back. The problem is that she has become very quick to throw a tantrum because they have been reinforced so frequently.

New and Notable:

  • Meghan is a very good walker. People are constantly surprised by how well she is walking at this age. 
  • Teeth. Meghan has 7 teeth now, the only one of the first series missing is her lower right lateral incisor, it is on the move but not yet poking through.
  • Meghan is now signing "more", "dog", "eat" and as of the other night "sleep".
  • Her only "word" is da da but that is not exclusively used in context, she does use it correctly but she also uses it when she is just babbling too. 
  • Meghan does the same motion Colin did at this age, we thought he was signing dirty and labeled that behavior for him as a sign for dirty but it never actually meant anything more than performing the sign. She puts her hand or wrist over her mouth and bounces it on and off her mouth while making noise.

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Crystal said...

What a great post - I cannot believe she is a year! She was born the day before my close friend Brooke's wedding, so I will always remember that :) I couldn't stop laughing over the "motrin in the eyes". Not pleasant for you I'm sure, but really cracked me up. She is a beautiful and wonderful little girl, I really hope I get to meet her soon :) xo