Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meghan is 11 months old.

Meghan's turn! Yikes I better move quickly and get this posted before her first birthday!! She is really... addicting (for lack of a better word) right now. All squishy and snuggley, squirmy and sweet. She knows her mind and more often than not communicates it pretty well without a single word.

 She says: "Check out my big feet!" (likely her secret to success as far as walking ability)
Sleeping: By her 11 monthiversary Meghan was sleep trained for bedtime and nap time, but not yet overnight. So she put herself to sleep but was still waking up 3-4 times a night wanting to eat (since I'm writing this late I can tell you she is now overnight trained too, look for the post soon hopefully). Meghan mostly naps 2x a day but occasionally if her naps aren't sufficient she adds a short third.


  • Water. Sprinklers, pools, lakes, ponds, faucets, the cats water name it, if she can get her hands and feet wet she will. She loves it!! There is no hesitation whatsoever.
  • Daddy. I am tearing up just thinking about the relationship she has with her father, these two crazy cats are totally in love with each other and it makes me love them both even more. I am really enjoying watching them together. The other day I took Meghan with me to the store while Colin got some one on one time with Daddy here at the house. Once she realized we were getting in the elevator without Daddy she nearly jumped out of my arms reaching back for the door as if to tell me we forgot him, and then proceeded to throw a fit from there until we got in the car.. I almost walked back to leave her with him but figured that wasn't fair to Colin.
  • Go go going! Much like her brother the girl likes to leave the house and her way of communicating this is to go get her (or my) shoes and bring them to me. The first few times she did this I didn't "get it" and  simply replaced her shoes to their typical spot by the door, she got them again and loudly insisted I put them on her. She is funny.
  • Books. She loves going to the book shelf, pulling out a book and bringing it to me (or Sean) to read. Also, if you ask her if she wants to read a book she will usually squeal and go to the shelf to get one.
  • The cats. She loves to bury her face in the cats fur. Mostly they allow this, although I sometimes will hold Sadie to keep her still for long enough. Oddly, Sadie is the more tolerant of Meghan, Griffin was endlessly patient with Colin, but doesn't seem to care for Meghan's shenanigans. As Colin likes to say,  "boys go with boys and girls go with girls"
  • Brushing her teeth. She often "reminds" me to brush her teeth after her bath. 

Silly face

  • The vacuum. Apparently I have the scariest vacuum ever, both kids hate it.
  • Sitting in the tub. This has been a struggle for a while but she is getting better.
I guess that is it! 

I think the cheeks are fading, that baby face is giving way to toddler. 
 New and Notable

  • Teeth. As of her 11 monthiversay she had 5 teeth. Her right upper central incisor and the top left lateral incisor. Mostly teething is no big deal. She occasionally gets fussy but it is pretty mild compared to her brother!
  • Meghan still intermittently signs "all done" and will get very excited if you understand and ask her if she is all done. This has been hard to reinforce though since she will often sign it before we are ready for her to be all done and therefore try to tell her that she isn't all done but then she clearly gets confused. 
  • She points and "grunts" (although I guess it is more of a "mmm" sound or sometimes "ooo") when she wants something. I honestly don't remember Colin doing this, or at least doing it as often and as emphatically.. Could just be my bad memory though.
  • She isn't a huge TV drone. If I turned on the tv for colin at this age he would watch it and do nothing else until it was off. She watches for a few minute here and there and then moves on to do something else. It is nice when I want to watch the Olympics and not have her be a vegetable, however it is not great when I want to have her occupied while I make dinner or take a shower.
  • She has a strange approach avoidance behavior with stuffed animals, some more than others. She wants them and "begs" for them but when she has them she acts afraid of it. This is especially true with Colin's hobby horse. If she knows it is around she will not let up in wanting to have it, but once she gets it she freaks out. 
  • She really likes to have you look her in the eye when she is "talking" to you. She will move her face dramatically to get right in front of mine and waits until I look her in the eye before looking away or trying to communicate something, this is even more dramatic if I have been away from her for a few hours. 

This is a dress that I not only wore, but I also dressed my own baby dolls in it when I was younger. Rather indecent on Meghan! And people complain about skirts being shorter now than they used to be! HA!

Ugh, this first year (11 months) has gone TOO FAST.

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Anonymous said...

you must have one scary vacuum indeed!!!! Although Nolan is scared of my vacuum if when I plug it in it turns on (if he had played with the switch so that it was in the on position when I plugged it in). He is fine otherwise with it.