Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Puerto Rico!

We recently went on an awesome family vacation to Puerto Rico! We spent a week on the island along with my parents and just had a great time. We spent tons of time on the beach and in the pool and also went hiking in the rainforest, kyacking in the dark to see the bio bays (just Sean and I went), and trasping through someones backyard to hit up an "off the tourist trail" location. It was a great trip and with both my mother and I manning the cameras there are a TON of photos. I had a really hard time narrowing it down, so there are more here than normal. Enjoy!
Wouldn't be a beach vacation unless I write it in the sand.
Meghan dragging Grandpa into the surf. She loved the water!

Look who else got in on the ocean action. I'm not sure what flipped the switch but Colin had no reservations about playing in the waves this time. May be due to his increased confidence in the water from taking swimming lessons this summer.
The balcony of our condo, we were right on the beach! It was a great location as far as the beach goes. We stayed in Luquillo which is a rather poor area but it was close to all the things we wanted to do (rainforest, biobay, beach). It worked out very well.
Colin swimming (on a kickboard) in the ocean with Grandpa. This was at the public beach down the road where the water was very calm. The sand at this beaches was very very fine, I was not a fan. It didn't come off even when you were in the water.

My mom took this one on our first morning. Colin went for a walk with Grandma and Grandpa while Meghan napped and Sean and I got organized. He came back soaking wet and covered in sand, once I saw the photos that made a little more sense!
Three of four walking on the beach.
Colin does not share my aversion to sand...
Grandpa and Meghan just hanging out at waters edge.
I have to say, vacationing with a 1 year old is pretty exhausting. This 1 yr old in particular seems to have a radar for dangerous item/situations, it was very helpful to have the extra help to make sure no one wandered too far.
Some locals cast out a fishing net while we happend to be on the beach and Dad got right in on the action. It was so cool to watch.
Watching the fisherman!
Sean is carrying about 65lbs of children in this picture. Not to mention another 10 or so for the pack. Colin walked through half of the rain forest but had to be carried out (not like this, see below).
Sean taking a dip in the rainforest pool under the waterfall. He loves this kind of thing. I had a napping Meghan strapped to my chest at this point in time and was more than happy to sit out the icy waters and unforgiving rocks. Meghan, had she been awake, would have tried to dive right in there with her father, Colin was a willing but unenthusiastic participant.
Colin says it was just too cold for him!

This is how we walked out of the rainforest, .9 miles pretty much all uphill. We were totally mislead by the books saying this was the easy trail and the one we had come in on was the hard trail, this was much harder and on top of which I had Meghan in the backpack, which we decided was probably not the lighter load.
My dad went back the way we had come in to get the car, and my mom came with us. We were all, The adults were all pretty exhausted by the time we reunited with my father who seemed no worse for the wear taking the "difficult" hike. I really had to dig deep on this one, and I paid for it the next day because I had nothing left in the tank and we walked all over Old San Juan.

Now this is what I call an active grandparent! Way to step up to the plate dad! Meghan loved the view from the top!

Visiting the Fort in Old San Juan, Sean and Colin are on the grass coming up the hill and my Dad and I are on the paved walkway, Mom took the photo.

She had to be carried out kicking and screaming (although you can probably tell she got over it by the time the photo was taken and enjoyed the ride). She really liked walking up and down all the ramps and climbing on the stairs. I really didn't like chasing her around in what felt like 95 degree heat but was likely closer to 85 with 1000% humidity. It was hot, I was still wiped out from the day before, and I was ready for lunch. Crabby Mommy.
Family time in the pool. The pool was Colin's favorite part. Although I would say he likely was a little too confident in his own ability. We had to really scold him for jumping in without permission (we were in the water but not ready for him, e.g. in 6 feet of water).

I'm not sure what Meghan's favorite part was, she loved all of it!

This was really cool, and totally off the map. We literally paid a native, fifty cents each to cross his property and go down to the natural rock slides, there were tons of locals BBQing, playing dominos or just hanging out by the stream. We had read that there were two slides, this one (the big one) and a smaller version, we couldn't find the smaller version and the one local I asked (in spanish!) didn't know because it was her first time there too. Sean and I were both pretty wary of doing this one at first but after watching a young girl do it about 15 times I said we had to do it. I made Sean go first.
I came out with a bruised up right arm because I was trying to keep from loosing my shoe which slipped off my heal as soon as I sat in the running water. Sean was fine off the slide but hyper extended his thumb getting back into the stream to get the kids. Mentally accomplishing this was a highlight for me. I didn't want to do it but just had a "when in rome" moment and we went for it. Another thing we could not have accomplished without my parents with us.. One thing not pictured was a bio bay tour that Sean and I did another evening while my parents put the kids to bed. Hopefully I will get the pic they took of us soon and I'll write about that separately.

A nice photo of my mom and I on our last evening in town. We mostly ate dinner in but had run out of dinner food by this night so we went into Luquillo for ribs and fish tacos and were not disappointed.

My parents in the setting Puerto Rican sun. Thanks guys for braving a vacation with us!! We had a wonderful trip, full of family, fun and adventures and it would not have been as amazing without you. Hope to do it again soon!!

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