Friday, August 3, 2012

Sleeping Through the Night

I eluded to this in Meghan's 11 month post. As of July 26th Meghan is sleeping through the night from about 7:30pm until 6:00ish (although admittedly she does wake sometime between 4 and 6 and needs a quick reminder from Daddy that it isn't time to wake up yet). This process was a bit slower than when we did it with Colin since he was weaned by the time we did sleep training, however she probably cried less than he did throughout the process. Which I will fully admit I swore up and down wouldn't happen, I really thought she was going to be trouble. Her first bout of training occurred around June 22nd when we trained her to go to sleep by herself. The first night she cried for 8 minutes, the second night for 30 seconds and was fine by the third night. Then about 5 days later I did sleep training at nap time, which was a non event, she just went into the crib awake and went to sleep, no crying. We usually read her three books two in the chair and one in the crib but to be honest she totally ignores the crib book and snuggles her face into rosy and starts to go to sleep so we usually just pick a super short book or I skip pages with wild abandon.

A picture just for fun.
About a week after that when she was still waking 3-4 times a night to eat, I stopped holding her after she finished eating, and made her put herself back to sleep. That required about 30 seconds of crying and then she got the idea. When a month went by and her overnights weren't improving we decided it was time to end it. So after arriving home for a hellish week of sickness in Syracuse with many many overnight wake ups we decided to sleep train overnight. This was the step I was most worried about because I have always felt like she ate more overnight than during the day, and I was nervous she would wake Colin up. In preparation for this I spent the entire day packing her with as much food as she would tolerate, pulling out all her favorites (pastina, tomato soup and noodles, cream cheese on crackers, etc) and nursing her often. That night she woke up at 12:19am, Sean went in and told her it wasn't time to wake up, gave her back the pacifier, patted her on the back and left. She cried on and off for the next 26 minutes but never crying for more than 45 seconds in a stretch followed by 3 or so minutes of silence. Colin never woke up, and she never woke up again until 6am. Sean and I were in shock! I should mention that this was not the first time we did something like this. At least one other time during the training process she woke up at 9 and I told Sean it was way to early to feed her so he went in and broke the bad news to her and left, she cried for maybe 5 minutes and then woke again at 12 to eat. From that experience I figured she would wake up again at all her usual times and we would have to let her cry again. Nope. She just got it, and that has been the extent of it ever since.
I am recovering faster this time than I did with Colin, and in the last two nights I haven't woken up in the middle of the night with a start trying to figure out why I was still sleeping.

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Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

how awesome!!! I think Gracelyn will be much easier to sleep through the night than Nolan. She already will sleep at times for 5 hour stretches which I didn't have FOREVER with Nolan. Last night she only woke 1 time....I guess when we pay our dues with the first one, we get rewarded with sleep for the second.