Friday, September 7, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Colin is going to a new school this year. He attending 2 and 3 year old preschool at the same school but for 4 year old we choose another school, one that also has K-8, and one that Sean's grandfather went to when he was young! We started discussing this move in the middle of last year so he could start getting used to the idea. In typical first day fashion, Colin did very well. He started telling us the night before that he was "worried" about it. I kept up a constant steam of encouragement, telling him it was okay to feel nervous, but that I was confident he was going to love this school and his teacher. His teacher (we learned which teacher he had at orientation the day before the first day) came highly recommended by some neighbors of ours and that carried a lot of weight with Colin. I could see him visibly relax at the mention of both girls upstairs having and liking this teacher. On the morning of his first solo day ( a short, getting to know you day) he was mostly just excited, with only a little talk about being nervous. We took a few pictures inside, outside before heading over (a bit earlier than we needed to leave since Meghan was ready for a nap and I obviously couldn't put her down in her crib so the stroller had to do).
Big Boy! Meghan seems to think we have simply forgotten how to work the front door.
Outside, a very sunny and warm day.

We had some serious backpack drama and won't have the right bag until next week so we had to substitute with a bag of Sean's. We also don't have the right t-shirt yet, he wears a uniform at his new school but the t-shirts in his size having come in yet.

As you can see from this photo he literally ran up the stairs! This school does not allow parents to walk up to the classroom door, so Colin has to walk in the school door on his own and go up to his class room (the teachers wait at the doors). I was pretty nervous this would be an issue since I have always had to, more or less, carry him into his class room and get him settled before I could leave but we prepared him for this process ad nauseum. He was a little weepy when we first "pulled up" to the school but we had to wait about 5 minutes before the doors opened and I was able to distract him with photos and Meghan. He watched a bunch of kids go in before it was his turn and none of them were upset so when it came time for him to go he just followed the rest of them and never looked back. At pick up he was all smiles and excitement, happy to tell me all about his day and some new friends. He continues to discuss how much he likes this teacher and his class.

Hopefully next week goes as well as Day 1. I am so proud of him. 

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YEAH!!! Way to go Colin- Elaine