Saturday, September 22, 2012

Meghan is 13 months old.

Here she is, my silly toddler! Meghan is really communicating non-verbally a lot more this month. She has picked up a bunch of new signs, and does a lot of pointing and vocalizing and gesturing. She knows her mind and tries very hard to make sure you know it too. Her hair also seems to have grown a lot this month, all of a sudden it is requiring some regular attention to keep it from looking messy. The color however I can't seem to put a name to, its not blonde or fully brown, it surely isn't red..The best description I can come up with is a coppery brass. She seems to be quite curly in the back but pretty straight on top.

Sleeping: Nothing new to report here, still sleeping well at night from 7:30-~6:00. Napping is at 9/930 and 2. She has twice experimented with dropping her afternoon didn't go well. Now that Colin has been back to school, her morning nap has stretched from 40/60 minutes to 90/120 minuets. I am loving that! Second nap is shorter since it generally occurs in the stroller as we go to get her brother,

  • Tops: put it on, take it off, put it on, take it off...repeat as needed. I have had to get creative with this to allow her to play and not get too frustrated. She seems to really like empty lipstick tubes or eye pencils, but empty deodorant containers are very frustrating. She is even starting to understand screw tops.
  • Dips. Ketchup, yogurt, you name it if she can dip it she is in heaven. Give her a french fry and she will repeated dip it in ketchup and lick the ketchup off, then when it is good and soggy offer Sean or me the fry to eat for her..YUM.
  • Brushing Teeth. This girl loves her toothbrush. I've started using this adoration to get her to take her vitamins (see Dislikes)
  • Daddy. The feeling is pretty mutual, these two crazy cats are pretty gaga over each other. I am in trouble when she is old enough to manipulate...
  • Babys. Real or in doll form she, all of a sudden, has really clued into other babies in the world. 
  • Baby Signing Time. She doesn't watch it nearly as much as Colin did at this age because more often than not if the TV is on it is tuned to Colin's programming, but I try to squeeze this in. She also isn't as cranky as he was at this age so I don't need to offer her a distraction. However, she has picked up quite a few signs even without regular viewing.

She is too cool for this sticker.

  • Her vitamins. She came up anemic after her 1 year blood work was done so she is on a new iron only vitamin. Wow I though the pain killer refusal was bad! I have moved the vitamins to the bathroom and trick her into taking them when she things she is getting her toothbrush. She likes to suck the water off the toothbrush so she opens her mouth for that and in go the vits...So far she doesn't seem to mind this method. At least I haven't gotten vitamins in my eyes yet.
  • Not getting everything Colin has. She wants each and everything Colin has, which is trouble when he has his own vitamins which are still too advanced for a child without molars to handle. This works to our advantage sometimes but more often than not, Meghan eats things that Colin doens't, not the other way around.
  • The stroller cover. I have only had to use it once since we've been back to school, but she seemed to be quite unhappy about it. Not sure if it was just a mood or if it was really the rain cover.. I'll find out I guess the next time it rains.

Button nose.
New and Notable:

  • Sign Sign Sign, Baby Sign! Wow this has exploded this month, let me see if I can even remember all her signs.  Daddy, baby, leaf, tree, more, all done, water, drink, eat, mommy (not consistently), shoes, go, horse, dog, brush teeth... I think that is it. They seem to come in groups rather than one at a time. She uses a few new ones a lot for about a week and then they drop off for a while only to pick up again a few weeks later. 
  • Fork and Spoon. She insists on eating the way everyone else at the table eats. I really only have one fork she can manipulate well (it is more of a spork) so it gets washed twice a day.
  • MOO! We have been working on animal sounds as we play with an animal puzzle. She is very good at mmmmmoo, but that is the only one she is repeating right now. 
  • Body Parts. She is the best at ear, and teeth and pretty good with nose and eye...she seems to be very interested her and my eye lashes all of a sudden so I'm sure she is going to pick up that label soon.

I couldn't choose between these last two shots, so you get a bonus!

Just FYI, it is time to start the Halloween costumes, I'm going to be busy for a bit!


Kristeen said...

I love her little squishy face. She looks like such a content little girl, I just want to hug her.

Abbe Macbeth said...

I was amazed at how much sooner Henry has picked up on some things than Natalie did, because she has her to model off of. I'm sure it's similar for Meghan! She's adorable.

efalcone said...


efalcone said...

Strawberry Blond?