Monday, September 17, 2012

Random Late Summer Photos

I have a bunch of pictures that don't necessarily justify a blog post on their own, so I figured I would throw them all together into one and update you on some of our late summer adventures. These were all taken on or after Meghan's Birthday.
We went to the Bronx Zoo on Meghan's actual birthday with Grandma Mo. They have some new baby giraffes on exhibit this season, so we posed for some pictures, unfortunately the babies aren't in the photos. The green monkey, now named Keke, was a gift from Grandma from the gift shop. Think he likes it?
More pictures with the giraffes. Meghan was sleeping soundly so we didn't include her in the photos.
Colin has had great interactions with the Gorillas in the past and this trip was no different. I wasn't with him because this is a no-stroller area and Meg was sleeping. Sean said after the photo, Colin turned back around and the Gorilla was right up next to the glass in his face. Shortly after the girl next to him pushed him out of the way and Colin got upset..Sean said it wasn't clear if he got spooked by the ape, or if the little girl upset him but heck if I was nose to nose with a gorilla I might start crying too!
Meghan feeding her baby doll. The doll, stroller and bottle were all birthday presents from us. We figured we should get her some girl toys since she was stealing other kids baby doll strollers on the playground.
Now that Colin is in school, I signed Meghan up for MyGym. She is loving it, and poor Colin is super jealous. Once more Meghan is prooving to be much different than her big brother. She still takes a few minutes to warm up to the space but nothing like Colin. She goes to the teachers without much issue and she tolerates "separation time" without the slightest hesitation.
Playing in the sprinkler section of our local park. Meghan loves the water so I knew she would be a wet handful in this park. Her hat was soaking wet by this point.
We went up to visit Sean's brother and his wife at their new place near Cape Cod. We had a great dinner in Plymouth where Meg had her first taste of New England Clam Chowder...She loved it!
One day we went to the beach. The weather was perfect for hanging out, but too cold for swimming. Sean and Chris spotted a pod of common dolphins swimming just offshore as we were leaving. Great day.
The next day we went into Boston and went to the children's museum. The kids loved it, and without our NY Hall of Science membership we all got in free! What a great way to spend the day. This photo was taken right outside, the kids liked the ducks and the "pirate ship".
Listening to Jack and the beanstalk with Uncle Chris. Colin is still talking about this story, but to be honest I had no idea where it came from until Chris told me what they listened too!

Wanted a nice shot of the kids together...NAILED IT, gotta frame this one (sarcasm)... but funny anyway.


Kristy said...

Those are great pictures! Meghan is getting so big!

Julie said...

OMG that pic of meghan in the puma jacket is freaking adorable! i see you have won the battle of the bows for now? best place to get ones that stay is claire's.