Monday, October 29, 2012

Meghan is 14 months old!

The kid's Halloween costumes are mostly complete so I can finally get this post published. I took the pictures on time but Meghan was super cranky that day so they didn't come out all that well, which made me even less motivated to get this published. Meghan is full of changes this month so there is lots to report, lets get to it.

Sleeping: She is slowly transitioning to one nap a day around 11 am, but it seems like she will do one nap and then the next three days she will go back to two then down to one again. It basically just makes it so I can never get anything (laundry in particular) done because I don't know when she is going to nap. Overnight she is still ok. She occasionally gets up at 4 and is hungry but mostly her daily wake up is around 5:50. She will sleep in until 7 maybe once a week just as a tease.

  • Books. I fight a daily battle with the book shelf. Meghan likes specific books and is happy to remove 10 or 20 until she finds just the right one.. still working on teaching her how to pick them back up again.
  • Bottle caps. Put it on, take it off, put it on, take it off...while mama prays she doesn't put it in her mouth... she loves to dig through the recyclables to find her toys these days.
  • Buckles. put it together, scream until I open it, put it together again...repeat.
  • Feeding the cats. She learned the sign for cat just so she could tell me she wants to give them treats. She also tries to "call them" by making the kiss face sounds.
  • Music. The girl likes to dance! Her best moves are dancing in a circle and the one foot stomp. So cute.
  • Super hero capes and masks. She likes to pull these out and have us put them on her. It is adorable.
  • Stickers on her shirt apparently! She was not pleased that I was trying to keep this sticker on her.
  • When the bottle cap or buckle won't come off/apart. Whoa, she pitches a fit if no one comes to her aide.
  • Barrettes. She isn't much of a fan, but her hair is getting longer so I keep trying to get her to tolerate them, before it becomes a big problem.

New and Notable.

  • Words: Hi ("eye"), bye("aye"), eye, cheese (sheese), Sadie (ay-ee), 
  • Waving and blowing kisses, she loves to say hello and goodbye to everyone, she blows kisses when she waves goodbye. She even preempts Sean's departure in the mornings and as soon as he has his work clothes on she starts waving to him.
  • Signs: I'm not sure I can name all the signs she knows at this point. She basically knows every sign in the three videos she cycles through. Here is my best attempt at a list. Dog, cat, horse, bird, fish, apple pear, carrot, more, wash hands, share, brush teeth, bath, sleep/tired, eat/food, go, all done, stop, wait, rain, snow, wind, game, I'm sure there are more but they aren't coming to me right now.
  • Her hair has gotten pretty long in the past month. Very curly in the back, but straight on top. 
  • Teeth. All eight in the front are in, and she is pushing her two bottom molars right now. She isn't too bad about it, we notice that she is fussy, but she has only required medication to help her sleep a couple times. 
  • She (and Colin too) had her tongue tie released this month. They put her under general anesthesia to do it and she came through the whole deal really well. She began testing out her new tongue only hours later.

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