Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Silly Kids

A bunch of pictures here that don't really go together but don't really justify a full post of their own.. Some cuteness I couldn't resist sharing.

Meghan came up to me recently with a piece of paper in her hand, she took my hand and lead me to the living room where she climbed into a chair and then handed me the paper.. on that paper was a "9 month" sticker I apparently never tossed. I guess she decided she wanted to play photo shoot... So I played along...
Hopefully I don't have to mention that she is NOT 9 months old in these photos, shes about 14.5 months.. I thought she wasn't a fan of the photo shoots since she generally spends most of the time trying to take the sticker off, but I guess they are growing on her!
The cutest picture from the shoot!
One of Nutmegs current favorite activities is walking around with the super hero cape and mask on.  She generally prefers the red set, but will wear the green if Colin insists.

It is pretty stinking cute when she walks over and hands Sean or I the cape then turns around to have the cape put on her. Then she goes looking for the mask. She often tries to put it on herself but ends up putting the mask part in one hand and the strap in the other and tries to pass it behind her neck. After she gets it on she then goes looking for Colin's cape and mask and insists he put it on too. Generally he plays along...God help him if he doesn't!

The red cape was a store bought thing, but the green cape was a personalized birthday gift from Dawn and Leo. When I got the red cape I also ordered the masks that came in a two pack..they just happen to match (they are double sided, so we can also get a blue and black cape and we are still covered!)

Sometimes Colin prefers to wear the red set, although sometimes I think he is just trying to not be pushed over by his little sister...she wants him to dress up and he will, but he wants the set she has instead.
Siblings! We had a birthday party to go to and Colin insisted on wearing "something he never weared before" so I pulled a dress shirt out of his closet from Matusa. He loved it. The party was at Chuck E Cheese, and Colin as all too happy to share the rides with his little sister. Love his unselfish spirit.
Meghan REALLY wanted to ride the horse but there was always a line and she couldn't hold still long enough in front of the horse to keep her place in line. When Colin only had one token left he decided to get in line for the horse. I'm pretty sure it wasn't for Meghan's benefit but he was happy to let her ride along with him.
She isn't all too visible but she was having a great time. This wasn't just a simple ride, it was a game and Colin was supposed to steer the horse around the track...yeah that didn't happen.

Hugs for big brother.. Thanks for taking me on a horsey ride.

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What cute pictures of very cute kids!