Monday, November 26, 2012

Meghan is 15 months old!

It is Cyber Monday, but instead of shopping I'm blogging. Month 15 was a long one! Halloween, then Thanksgiving, its been a busy month! The pictures were taken two days late because we had so much going on. I took them immediately following her nap in the hope of getting her to sit still for a bit, but that didn't really happen so the result was just the "I just woke up from my nap" look in the all the pictures.  If I thought this month was crazy next month is going to be crazier since Sean will be in Vegas for two of the next four weeks for training for work. I am not looking forward to that at all, Christmas is crazy enough, no need to throw in extra drama!

Where did those long legs come from? I will have to measure her to see how tall she is now.

Sleeping: Mostly the same as last month, still awkwardly adjusting from two naps to one. Some days she does one, some days she takes two. Just when I think she is moving on and just going to be taking one nap, she spends the next three days taking two. Her wake up time is moving around a bit too. I put the brakes on weaning in order to concentrate on getting her to sleep past 4am. For the most part it has worked, she mostly gets up around 5/530 to eat then sleeps until 6/630. She is tricky though because some days she simply isn't interested in food and that is a guarantee for a 4am wake up "starving"... I can give in and feed her or make her wait until 5, the later involves a lot of crying and complaining, which isn't fun for anyone.


  • Daddy. I have no idea how she will react to him being gone for a week. I hope it will be out of sight out of mind, because when he is around she only has eyes for him. She even gets angry now if I try to take her out of the car seat instead of him. She just shakes her head no and signs daddy over and over  again. Should I mention that this doesn't bother me in the least, in fact I much prefer not being the center of her universe.
  • Books. She love to be read to and is starting to memorize her favorite books and anticipate some of the "words" or motions. For example, in Goodnight Moon she says "shhuush" when you get to the "old  lady whispering hush". She also loves to sit quietly and read books by herself.
  • Music. Meghan loves to have music on and dance. One of these days I will put up a video, its pretty cute.
  • Video Chatting. She just loves when we get someone to Skype or GChat on the computer. We have our camera hooked up to the TV so she will often ask for someone to talk to her by saying hi repeatedly to the TV. Pretty cute. 
  • Cats?Dogs. She can now say both Sadie "deedee" and Griffin "geeden" and will follow them around the house making kissing noises at them and signing cat over and over again. She also loves to see dogs when we are out although she generally prefers the little ones. She will often sign dog after hearing a dog bark and it usually takes me a minute to realize that I heard a dog.
  • Brushing Teeth/Washing Hands. The girl loves the water.
  • Saying Hi to whomever is on the phone. I can not make or receive a phone call without her saying hello to whomever is on the other end...its cute when its Grandma calling, not so much when it is the insurance company.

Mom do we have to do this?

  • Being read the wrong book. She has some serious preferences when it comes to what books she wants to be read. I often try to sneak in a new one, since we have so many great books from Colin but she will have none of it. She is not quiet in her protests, and will resort to throwing the book on the floor if she has to.
  • Sitting in the high chair for more than 10 minutes at a time. She is very tricky to feed, not because she is picky, but simply because she won't sit that long. You really have to put new things in front of her frequently to keep her interested but this is quite counter to the way I feed Colin since he is supposed to eat the food presented to him, so it is a difficult balance. I can't just hold back on her the things that are already in front of him because she can see what he has so she checks to make sure everything is the same before she starts to eat. She notices inequalities with extreme accuracy! 
  • Putting on her coat. I suspect this has to do with the fact that we leave the house so many times a day, but she really gets frustrated with the constant wardrobe changes. I have attempted to compromise by sometimes allowing her to put it on in the elevator..this helps me too since she has less room to run away! It doesn't help the neighbors who can hear her screaming... (I'm exaggerating...a little)
  • Gloves. She will wear them for a bit but they generally don't last more than 5 minutes, which is tricky since we are out for about 30 minutes to get Colin to school and back.
  • Blankets. I remember this phase with Colin too, she acts like you are putting a torn bush over her when you try to cover her with a blanket! Also means she won't keep her ice cube hands under a blanket either.. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when it is legitimately freezing outside. I'm hoping not wearing gloves will be punishment enough and she will agree to keep them on.

Bed head...the bow didn't really help much I guess.
New and Notable:
  • Teeth: Both bottom molars are now in and the top molars are swollen but don't appear to be causing any trouble at the moment.
  • Sounds of the season. Meghan will now say HoHoHo and Gobble gobble, although she gets a bit of performance anxiety when performing for an audience or camera. She has done it over the phone for a few people. 
  • Words/Sounds..she will repeat sounds on command occasionally, so she is now repeating colors, like blue, purple and yellow, but doesn't produce them without being asked so far, and she won't try red or orange. You also have to catch her in the right mood for this. She also says uh-oh (pretty sure she was last month and I just forgot to write about it. She started saying just the uh part a few months ago, then would just say oh then eventually put them both together.


and now I've lost all control. Goggles can stand in for a mask if needed.

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