Sunday, December 30, 2012

Meghan is 16 months old.

Holiday craziness, I'm running a bit behind, but I have to get this up before the new year! This month as predicted has been a zoo.  But here is what the wee one has been up to this month.

High side pony.

Sleeping: She has made a solid transition to one nap a day usually from 11-1, but sometimes earlier. Her overnights have gone into the crapper with all the events this month. I've been in simple survival mode and therefore have let her get away with multiple night wakings, this will change soon.


  • Daddy Daddy Daddy. As I mentioned last month, Sean was gone for two separate weeks. By and large Meghan did well while Sean was gone, however the moment he was back if he so much as went to the bathroom without her she would break down in tears. 
  • The bye-bye song. MyGym has a goodbye song that starts with "bye bye hands" and ends with a "hip hip hooray". Meg loves to have me sing the song to her, and will request it by doing "bye bye hands", I'm pretty sure her favorite part is the hip hip hooray.
  • The potty. Meghan is currently going through a potty envy stage, or maybe its just toilet paper love stage, but regardless she is trying to pee on the potty multiple times a day, and is occasionally successful. Having returned from Christmas at Grandma's I'm not sure the "pee pee on the potty" march has the same reinforcing power it did while we were there and 8 people cheered, vs the 2 or 3 of us here at the house. 
  • Climbing. I don't think Colin was nearly the climber that Meghan is proving to be. She kept flipping over the safety bed rail onto the Colin's bed at my parents house. How much time do I have before she climbs out of the crib?
  • Crayons/Pens/Markers. Meghan invented her own sign for coloring this month, to communicate that she wants me to get the crayons and coloring books out of the closet.
  • Meet the Shapes. We started watching this DVD this month, and she is enjoying it, still loves baby signing time, but enjoying meet the shapes too.
More "post-nap" pictures.. Oops!
  • Daddy not being in her line of vision. See above.
  • Mommy taking her out of the car seat if she knows Daddy is also in the car. 
Dancing on the couch.
New and Notable:

  • The top two molars are now in. She has been fussy on and off, which could be the final push of the molars or the start of canines.
  • She is trying to say rectangle and octagon but they are mostly unrecognizable if she weren't pointing to the picture while saying it. 
  • I forgot to mention this last month but she is now running and attempting jumping but still in that oh so cute stage where she can't actually get her body off of the ground. 
  • Pretend play. She has started pretend play and it is so cute to see. She walks around the house with a baby doll and feeds her and pretends to put her to sleep (she makes the pretend snoring noise when she or the baby is pretending to sleep). 
  • Hair! We are getting to the point that we have to do her hair or else it gets in her eyes. I have no idea if I should cut bangs on her or just wait it out..  
What? You wanted me to keep this sticker on?