Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December Ketchup

Here is all of December (well almost) wrapped up in one post.

Decorating the tree. Meg really enjoyed the star for the top of the tree. I have to admit it photographs better than it looks in person, particularly when it is a top the tree. All the openness makes the top of the tree look naked, but I've never found anything I like better.
Posing in front of the tree, still holding the star. This year I really wanted to cut our own tree in the hope that it wouldn't be dead by Christmas. So we went up to a farm in Westchester only to find out they only had Douglas Fir's, which I don't like at all. So we ended up getting a pre-cut tree (a Fraser Fir) which was beautiful and fragrant but it cost us $80, not to mention the drive to get it. Oh and it was totally dead and crispy by the time we got back home. It came down today and I have never dismatled a tree this brittle and dry. (For the record, it got a fresh cut and was never without water).
Colin loves helping put the star on the top of the tree. I remember it being my favorite part as a child too.

Not to be outdone, Meghan put the start on too. So cute!
Colin's very first picture with Santa. Sean's cousin had a little gathering with where Santa dropped by. Colin has never been a fan of Santa so getting him anywhere near the guy has never gone well. You can see from his expression this isn't his favorite thing.
I brought a craft for all the little cousins and Meghan dug right in. I didn't plan very well and didn't set up before the kids started so it was a bit chaotic, particularly while trying to keep this little lady from eating any of the craft supplies.
Colin's class played the stable animals in their Christmas Pageant. His wolf costume got re-purposed into a mouse (I tried to get him to be a donkey but he wanted none of it), his first choice was a chicken but there was no way I was pulling a chicken costume out in less than two weeks, with everything else going on.
While the kids and I were upstate, we got together with some friends. Here is Annabelle and Clara with Colin and Meghan.The girls are both 1 year removed from my kids and so far get along very well. Clara was still in utero at the birthday party from the summer, so this was the first time I got to meet her.
Cater was also at the gathering but he isn't a fan of pictures. I will absolutely bring this picture out at his high school graduation...
Just a couple of snow buddies.
Meghan's first taste of the snow. She was a trooper, but I'm not sure she was a fan.
Colin was clearly a fan!
Christmas eve kid photo. Honestly, we took about 10 pictures and none of them were better than this one!

The family photo before church. This took 4 or 5 tries with the auto timer. In order to get it, I had to bribe the boys with a "crazy photo" when we were done. The photo below, is that picture.

I absolutely LOVE this photo, and I'm sure this will become a family tradition.
Meghan in her fancy dress and dress coat.
I look at this photo and have a hard time believing these two are MY kids. When did all this happen?
Something a little more comfortable!! For a Christmas Eve dance party.
Just a little dancing on the table. Colin has some serious moves!
Not pictured are the five adults standing at the wings of the coffee table to make sure the Nutmeg didn't fall off (or get accidentally shoved off) the table, which is only about two feet off the ground.
Lukas even got in on the action, although I failed as an Aunt and didn't get him matching pajamas.
Christmas morning, Meghan has mini m&ms for breakfast out of her stocking. Meg got up around 6am, Colin didn't get up until we woke him up at 9:30. Too much table dancing I guess!
One of (or I guess a few of) Meg's Christmas presents. She loves using my broom and cleaning supplies, as well as accessorizing, so this picture just cracks me up.We all clean in a tutu while carrying a purse full of my little ponies right?

Potty time! I have no idea how long her potty excitement will last. Colin went through a similar stage at 18 months, but then lost interest before eventually training nearly on his own. We are rolling with it for as long as she is interested.

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Kristeen said...

Oh, Carter. Always the sulky kid in the corner, shoving your head under the couch cushions. Someday, when these pictures are shown to your girlfriend, you'll regret it :)