Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meghan is 17 Months Old.

Late again! But getting closer anyway! (Colin has a 4.5 year post in the works to but no pictures yet so I'll finish this one first) Someone was feeling smiley during her photo shoot this morning. She does a good "cheese" these days if you can catch it while she is looking at the camera. Unfortunately my camera is rather unpredictable about whether or not it will actually take the picture at the moment you want it to. Its days are numbered, I will not stand for unreliable and unpredictable in my camera.  We've had a good run, but technology has left me in the dust when it comes to where D-SLR's are now.  Still trying to get the hubs on board with the purchase. Opps end rant. Meghan has been a bit cranky the last couple weeks. We are assuming her canines are coming but we haven't seen them yet.

Sleeping: Back on track baby!! After a stomach bug Meg was getting up every 2 hrs at night to eat and go back to sleep. One night, about a week after we were healthy she was up at 11(the earliest yet) and then again at 1. I refused to feed her at 1 but after she fussed and went to sleep, she didn't get up. I didn't expect her to sleep all the way through but when she did, we followed through and refused to feed her the next night. That didn't go as easily she cried on and off from 1:50 until 3:00am. We kept reassuring her we were still there and she just needed to sleep now. Night 3 she whimpered a bit at 1:00am but gave up quickly. Night 4, not a peep. She is currently napping from about 10-12 or 11-1 about once a week she pulls off a 3 hr nap. Things are good.

Weaning: I have been wanting to wean her since her birthday but she just hasn't been ready.. well guess what  kid, times up! This is no longer working for me. After a few failed attempts my new plan is to get her on a set schedule (right now its 6am, 8am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm) we've been working on this schedule for 4 days and it is going more or less ok. She gets seriously pissed when I say no but we were introduced to some vanilla flavored milk yesterday and she seemed to really really go for it, in a way she has NEVER gone for milk. So I ordered some more and hopefully it will help us cut out one feeding at a time over the next 4-6 weeks. I'm just done.

  • Daddy. I know I sound like a broken record on this one but it is such a huge part of her life I can't not mention it. She won't even let me take her out of her car seat if he is around. She just gets so excited when she hears his keys in the door!
  • Music. In particular Locked out of Heaven and Ho Hey. She sings along with the hey ho parts and the eh eh eh OO parts and it is adorable
  • singing "OOO"
  • Shoes. She loves to put Colin's shoes in particular on and walk around in them. Although she is also drawn to her dress shoes, she has learned quickly that dress shoes aren't always comfortable.
  • Dogs. She loves pointing out the dogs we pass on the street. 
  • Dress up. She loves playing dress up..so far we have no princess costumes and I am inclined to keep it that way as long as possible, but she loves the superhero capes and honestly it can just be her normal clothes pulled from the laundry as I fold it, she likes to put pants on her head or around her shoulders like a shawl. She's funny.
  • Pictures. We have the photo holder on the fridge and she LOVES to pull it down and point to all the people and have me name them. She will also find people if you ask her where someone is. I've put a photo book together for Valentine's Day for her with all of our family and friends. I'm sure it will be a favorite in no time.
  • Puzzles. She loves to do all of Colin's old puzzles. She is pretty good at matching the picture to the piece but often has trouble rotating it into the right place. We have a couple of alphabet puzzles and she seems very interested in the letters so I might pull out "Meet the Letters" this month to help her start identifying them.
and we are done with the sticker.

  • Bibs. I got some of the snap kind hoping she wouldn't be able to pull them off.. They were no match for her. So when I really need to keep her clean I just put an old undershirt of Colin's on her. We have ruined many a shirt because of her refusal to wear bibs...Oxyclean can only do so much. 
  • The stroller. Not always, but by the 3rd or 4th exposure of the day, she is DONE with the stroller. Problem is she wants to walk not be carried, and I just can't let her if we are going to get Colin from school. 1. its too far and 2 it takes TOO LONG. I have tried leaving early but realistically we only can go a block before she is too unruly, shes not much into hand holding either

New and Notable:

  • Her hair now needs to be "done" daily. Otherwise it gets in her eyes and shes constantly swiping at it... I'm really torn about whether to get it cut or just let it go...while I decide I'm just letting it go...maybe it will take care of itself. She has a very defined side part so her bangs naturally sweep to the side so I think it should be OK once it gets a bit longer.
  • Words. This is tricky...she says "Bumble Bee" but she doesn't say "BAAAA" (sheep)... Her words are very sporadic and random. She now calls me "MO-me" which just melts me every time. Sean is still mostly Da-da, but I guess I've unintentionally switched from Mama to Mommy when I name myself so shes followed suit. She still doesn't really say Colin and if she tries it sounds more like "guy".  
  • Signs. She has a pretty large signed vocabulary but doesn't seem to really try using the word if she has a sign for it, which is difficult for friends and family who will often look for me to translate for her...not that baby speech is every very clear but its funny when an adult comes to me saying "shes doing this, what does she want"
  • Shapes. She can identify all her shapes now, and says octagon and oval pretty clearly. Others she just points to when you ask her where the circle is. She has the most trouble with triangle. I have a video of this, and as soon as I upload it I will post it.
  • What's This? She is loves to play an interactive game we call "what's this?" where she points to an object ( and more or less grunts/coos) then I tell her what it is, then she moves on to the next. We have a couple of the My Little Word Book's that are great for this purpose. Along with photographs in the house. 

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