Monday, February 4, 2013

Fun Family Friday

Uncle JJ came into town this weekend so Sean took a day off and we took the kids to a local bounce house place called BounceU. We were thinking about going bowling but $14 per person (including Meg), it paled compared to paying $14 for Colin and nothing for anyone else! And honestly the place was pretty empty so it was a ton of fun.  Here are some pictures. Colin has been there for a birthday party one other time and loved it. Today was Meghan's first trip and she LOVED it as well.

Very excited to be at BounceU.
Meghan loved the slide! I have a ton of pics of her coming down the slides, and sometimes the adults are funnier than the children.
Watching Meghan jumping and bounce was hysterical! She can barely jump on solid ground but on the trampoline like surface she was jumping like crazy and finding it very amusing. Colin was even getting a kick out of her.

Colin shot baskets for a good ten minutes and never once made a basket (the basket was way too high for him), but he kept trying, and looked adorable doing it. 

Having fun with Daddy on the slide.
So happy! I honestly haven't seen her this excited ever! She is normally pretty mild mannered and low key.
Colin had a great time sliding too.

Even Uncle JJ got in on the action. It was a workout getting up that slide with Meg so we were pretty happy to be able to rotate so she could go as many times as she wanted.

Colin was very good the whole time, he followed the rules and listened to the coordinators. Even in the face of another child who seemed to think the rules didn't apply to him. I was very proud of his behavior.

There are a lot of pictures of her excited like this. I just love them. I had a hard time picking them!

Um guys? NO sitting! the bouncing is this-a-way.

Hey, stop chatting! I'm down here!

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