Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mary Poppins!

Every year since Colin was born, I have looked longingly at the Kids Night on Broadway ads and wanted to take Colin. This year was the first year I knew he would be able to sit through the whole performance. He went to "If you give a cat a cupcake" when we were in Chicago (he was just past 3) and he loved it and wasn't the least bit antsy. Then we took him to his first movie in the theater and Christmas time and he wanted to watch the credits so he was ready. Meghan however was another story. Since it was kids night on Broadway, each child's ticket is free with the purchase of an adult ticket, but in reality the tickets are half price and you have to get an even number. So we could either just take Colin and one parent, or we took both kids. Neither Sean and I were willing to sit out Colin's first Broadway show, so we just decided to go all in, figuring if Meghan got really fussy we would just alternate taking her out. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about it. After some discussion we ended up driving and parking in a garage. (Side note: I used, for the first time and it was really great, it showed us all the nearby garages and rates and let us prepay and reserve our space, turns out we got a pretty awesome deal, only paying $15 for 4 hrs when the garage listed it as $20 for two hours, even the parking attendant seemed annoyed by the deal!)

As we arrived at the theater this was the sign outside. I expected there to be more photo ops inside but there weren't. 

Before we left I tried to get some cute shots of the kids dressed up, but they weren't in the mood. Meghan wouldn't get anywhere near the couch so I asked her to give Colin a hug, and the girl practically ran over to comply. 

This was the next shot. The outfits were Christmas presents from my mom. I realized that morning that I didn't have any shoes for Nutmeg so I swung by Payless on the way to pick up Colin from school...and bought the two of us matching gold sparkly shoes.. They were fun.
Seated before the performance. We had a seat for Meg but she just sat/stood/ laid/danced on my lap the whole time. She was mostly perfect for the first act. She got pretty restless for Act II, but thankfully it was rather short. She really liked to say "bye bye" when people left the stage, and tell us when the "mama" was on stage, or point out all the "purple" in the costumes or scenery. Thankfully the people in front of us were grandparents there with their grandchildren and didn't seem overly annoyed by her outbursts.  They actually said they were surprised how well she did (which means they were probably annoyed when the realized there was a baby behind them). There was a really huge dance scene called "Step  in Time" and Meg just went to town trying to dance on my lap. There was also a scene where the kitchen basically falls apart, we could not stop her from saying "uh-oh" over and over and over again..I found it kind of amusing but I'm pretty sure Sean was horrified.
Colin was so excited to go to the show, however he was a wee bit frightened by a few scenes which has soured it a little for him. I'm pretty sure Mary Poppins flying over the theater and literally right up to us (we were sitting in the mezz on the right side) was the highlight of his night. The look on his face was worth every penny we spent. He was awestruck. 

This was a great experience for us, but at the same time, I'm not sure we will be repeating this adventure anytime soon! Way too stressful, but seriously awesome for a one of a kind family experience  In terms of the show, it wasn't my favorite, it had some great moments but there were some pretty slow sections too, made all the more painful by the stress about keeping the kids into it. 


Grandma Mo said...

Glad a good time was had by all! Love the pics! Especially the two in the apartment!

efalcone said...

What a great thing to do!!!