Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meghan is 18 months old!

Hello, one and a half year old! Woa Nelly, not much baby left in my baby these days, she is a fiercely independent toddler with a solid temper but a very sweet, snugly core. And boy does this girl love her Daddy. We learned this month that her affections for her father spill over onto his brother big time. Uncle Chris was a fast favorite, preferring him to ME while he was here.  These pictures were taking on my NEW camera, in the anti-flash mode (so they might have a touch of blur since the light was going in and out of clouds outside). I'm still playing with it but I am in love...If you are curious it is a Canon Rebel T4i. I have a bunch of new pictures to post so you'll see the results pretty quickly.
Standing tall at 18 months! She is wearing a size 18 months here but it is a little tight.  

Sleeping: Pretty good this month, aside from the two weeks she insisted 4:15 was morning. We absolutely do not remove her from the crib until 5:45, but we don't let her scream her head off either. Mostly she goes in and out of sleep so we have to keep going back in to tell her it isn't morning. This past week she seems to have clued into the 5:45 time slot and has hit it on the head the last few mornings... maybe now I can push it back a bit, but Sean generally gets up around 6:00 for work so it would be difficult to convince her she can't get up when he is walking around. Napping is more or less the same sleeping 2-3 hrs starting between 10 and 11. 

Weaning: She is down to nursing twice a day, at wake up and bedtime. If we weren't going out of town this weekend she would loose am then, we'll probably wait until next weekend and I suspect the pm feeding will fall shortly thereafter.
I love her face!

  • Daddy. She is consistent what can I say.
  • Baby Signing Time and Signing Time. She has really started to ask in for particular DVD's now instead of being content with whatever I put on. She likes a few of the regular signing times, although some don't have enough songs to hold her attention very well. However, she picks up the signs at light speed. She can get about 50% of the new signs in the first viewing.
  • Dumping toys. Ugh, Colin went through this stage too if memory serves, but at the time we only had one basket of toys, now we have 8! She particularly likes to dump the basket full of train tracks! She is actually pretty good at building her own track but there are just SO many pieces it is a pain to pick them all up, particularly for the fourth time that day. I've actually pulled out some of the non-matching sets and put them away so 1.) there are fewer pieces and 2.) she doesn't get frustrated when pieces don't fit together. Trying to convince her not to dump toys is fruitless. 
  • Food. She has really gotten a lot better at eating as she nurses less (doesn't take a genius there!). She isn't very good at sitting for long periods still but she will go to town on her dinner and put away quite a bit of food in less than 5 minutes. She is also willing to try just about anything right now which is pretty awesome. 


  • Bibs. She pulls them off. end of story. very annoying.
  • Having Mommy take her away from Uncle Chris. Sorry kid, I'm the Mama. 
  • Being left. We are transitioning her back to the babysitter because I am teaching this semester  I also tried to leave her at the gym child care. She wasn't a fan. It is a work in progress.
New and Notable:
  • Words. Shes starting to progress here in a big way. The following are new words this month. No, Brubee (brother), pee pee, baby, ouch, up, me, E-I-E-I-O. Oh and she put the B in bye this month too (as opposed to aye). She attempts Grandma and Grandpa but they sound more like Mama and Papa. 
  • Speaking of grandparents, I made her a photo book for Valentines Day with our family and friends and she loves looking at it! She correctly identifies  "Sisty" (Aunt Sisty, my sister) and "JJ"  verbally  (and mommy and dada) and will sign for her Grandparents, but will only use words when pushed. She will repeat Gigi and Papa but hasn't yet pointed them out on her own, and oddly she occasionally calls Colin "Dada"... 
  • Letters and Colors. She isn't at full comprehension yet but she knows what letters are and will try to identify them. She knows B, M and E but will also use "E" for just about anything she doesn't know (but only other letters). She knows yellow and blue for sure, since she says them outright. She may know others but I haven't quizzed her recently, I'll have to work on that. 
  • Putting on her own shoes. This is not a positive development in my opinon. She has a few pairs of shoes she can put on by herself (after a 10 minute struggle during which if you attempt to help her she screams, takes the shoes and walks to another part of the house). However, there are other pairs she can not get on but thinks she should be able to so she tries very hard. When we are trying to get out the door on schedule this is extremely frustrating for all of us.
  • Potty success. She has now added pooping on the potty to her accomplishments. She made up her own sign to tell me when she has to poop and once has used it before pooping but we didn't get her there quite fast enough so she had already started. The second time we nailed it but its been a few days without a repeat performance so she might be unimpressed with that situation. She is doing very well peeing on the potty but we aren't really anywhere near underwear ready. Although I may have to switch to pull ups for convenience sake. She will indicate she has to go probably 5 times a day, sometimes out of no where, and sometimes simply because someone else is on the potty. She delivers almost every time so we are continuing to follow her lead. 
  • Temper temper. I told her she couldn't get out the do-a-dot markers this afternoon and she literally threw herself on the ground, rolled to her back and started flailing her arms and legs all while screaming and growling. I ignored her. She has started screaming a lot this month when she doesn't get her way and it is not my favorite trait. We tried time-out once after some particularly naughty behavior, but honestly I needed it more than it was useful to her as a teaching tool, so we will probably not really start that now. I can promise you her reaction to it was a lot louder and more violent than Colin's shocked and silent compliance.  
  • Teeth: her lower right canine broke the surface first, followed shortly thereafter by the lower left. Now the top two are showing through the gums as tiny dots. Mostly she hasn't been too terribly bothered, I think I've probably only had to give her pain killers a couple times in the middle of the night, but gosh, nothing like Colin's total misery for months on end. No signs of 2yr molars yet.

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