Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Colin is 4.5 years old.

Better late than never right? None of these photos were taken on his actually 4.5 year birthiversary, but they are close. These are all photos where I was just playing with my new camera and Colin was in the mood to play along. For the most part he will humor me, but I usually only have about a 15 minute window, and about 75% of that time is him being silly but I'll take what I can get. So what is my eldest up to these days?

Updated to add
Height:43.5 inches (81st %ile)
Weight: 41 lbs (61st %ile)

Sleeping: Colin still goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes up around 7:00 am. He is pretty much done with naps, but I will still try to make him rest quietly in his room one or two days a week. He just gets weepy and I know he needs a break. He hasn't actually fallen asleep in the last two weeks, but he does lay quietly for an hour so that is good enough. He only uses the bathroom in the middle of the night about once a month, and usually because we had a disrupted schedule.


  • School. Loves it, he loves it. It makes me so happy, and so proud of him. He is doing so so well and he really loves it. He generally asks "Can I do my homework now?" or "When do I get to do my homework". I hope this holds up forever, but I'll take it as long as I can.  And yes, he has homework everyday in preschool. 
  • Sports. He will start instructional baseball in April and couldn't be more excited. We need to give him an outlet because our downstairs neighbors are surely loosing their patience with all the running and jumping. We try our best to contain him but he is really like a caged animal most evenings. 
  • TV. Colin gets less than 90 minutes of TV time a day. It is something he will work for, when we start to have behavior issues. Right now he is challenging in the morning. It should take 5-10 minutes to get him to go to the bathroom, brush his teeth and put on his shoes, it actually takes him closer to 20 with constant reminders about what he should be doing. It is maddening. So now I make him "earn" his TV time by getting ready appropriately. Its only been a few days but so far so good.
  • Snacks. Sean has instituted a no snack rule from about 3:00pm on because Colin was filling up on snacks and wasn't eating dinner. It is helping but none of us are happy about it. If Colin can't snack, neither can Meghan or I. 
  • Meat. Still a vegetarian... I don't see this going away anytime soon..
  • Not having socks on. Tell Colin to take off his socks and he immediately asks for his next pair. The boy hates bare feet. 
  • Having his nails cut, toes in particular. He is very nervous about his feet, I have no idea why!

New and Notable:

  • A new development that I am loving is Colin is starting to demonstrate a generous spirit. We were at a parade this weekend and Colin loved all the free stuff that was tossed his way. In addition to  going up to the people to get things that were being handed instead of tossed, something he would never have done a year ago, he was also getting things for the other kids too. At one point he collected two sets of mardi gras beads, he handed one to his cousin Haylee, and one to Meg, after getting a third a moment later and gave it to his cousin Ellis, keeping none of them for himself. My heart almost burst I was so proud of him. He often will break off a piece of what he is eating and hand it to Meghan, and not just stuff he doesn't like. I love this new side of him, and I am reinforcing the hell out of it!
  • Negative talk. "then I'm not going to be your friend", "then I'm never playing with that again". etc. This one isn't my favorite but it is par for the course as he learns how to navigate the world of school. He has gotten his feelings hurt a few times by kids at school so when he starts to say things that are mean I try to remind him of how it made him feel. I am toying with the idea of making up some family rules, or a mission statement or something, and I think the number one "rule" will be to be kind. Teaching him his letters, was easier than teaching him how to be kind.
  • Current cute phrases: "Until a long time" he means "in a long time" as in "I haven't seen Grandpa until a long time!"  Also, he still uses the term "mines" instead of "mine". 
  • We are still working on correcting his "th" sounds after having his tongue fixed, but he does pretty well, so it isn't anything to worry about just yet.


Crystal Dristiliaris said...

Great post - my favorite is when you talk about his generous spirit. I hope to instill that in Nicholas and have already brought him to a handful of charity walks to eventually make sure he realizes how lucky we are to have so much - our health being the most important! I can't believe he is 4 and a half!

efalcone said...

He is growing up fast. I hate to tell you but I still have BIG bathroom/morning issues with 14-year olds. Hope you have better success!