Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meghan is 20 months old!

This month has been a continuation of the last one (how is that for obvious statements?). Meghan is proving to be quite the brave little girl. She grabs onto new experiences with both hand and seems to really enjoy them. But at the same time she is a bit more of a "home body" than her brother was. She isn't quite as eager to leave the house as he was, but a big part of that could be because she is forced out twice a day every weekday because of Colin's schedule. She doesn't always want to go when it is time...ahh the life of the second child...

Sleeping: Nothing new to report this month. Her naps are becoming more variable and seem to be shorter this month, but I'm not ready to give up hoping for a 2 hr nap. If Colin isn't around she does better.


  • Brubee. Still really enjoying big brother. She really seems to notice when he is gone and ask about him. If we are in the car while he is at school she will point to his car seat and say "uh-oh brubee" as if I've just forgotten him somewhere. If she is riding in the top seat of the stroller she will call out to him to see if he is there. He will reach up and try to touch her from the bottom seat to let her know when he is.. it is very sweet.
  • Zoo class. She LOVES it. Seriously, what a joy it is to watch her at class. We are having such a great time, I'm so bummed that it is almost over. 
  • LD. This is her new best friend that we met in class. I knew his mom from prenatal yoga, but reconnecting in this class has been awesome. Meghan loves LD, and talks about him constantly after we leave class. The feeling seems to be mutual. They are both second children with an opposite sex older sibling, so I think they seem naturally inclined to play with opposite sex children. We went over to their house for a playdate a few weeks ago, and it was the most restful playdate I've ever experienced, they played so nicely together we rarely had to intervene. I'm so glad she has her own "best friend" right now.
  • "Bikes". By bike she pretty much means any personal wheeled device including scooters, bikes and tricycles. If she sees it, she wants to go on it RIGHT NOW! I currently have a tricycle in the spare bathroom and a scooter in the closet in a vain attempt to keep them out of sight. 
  • Vitamins. We had to call poison control this month because Meghan swiped Colin's two vitamins from his breakfast plate and ate them while I was helping Colin brush his teeth. Since they don't contain iron it wasn't a big deal, we just had to give her extra water and wait a few days before she got any more vitamins.  From now on, we will be giving vitamins with dinner instead of breakfast.


  • Being told no. She is better about it than she was last month, but that could also be a product of my behavior too. I'm trying to be more conscious of only saying no when necessary.. I can often say no without really thinking it though and then upon her protest realize it is not worth fighting about and let her have whatever she is looking for and I realize this is a bad idea. So I'm getting better and not saying no then giving in, so she is getting better at taking no for an answer... we aren't out of the woods but she only flips on me about 50% of the time now instead of 100%
  • Getting her hair done. Last month she was great about it, this month not so much. Not terrible, I can still pull it off but I have to be super quick and prepared to only get one chance to get it right.

Baby long legs!
New and Notable:

  • Two word stage. She really started this last month but now she is solidly using two words. She says things like "Thank you Brubee" or "Bye-bye Grandma Mo" or "read book". \
  • ABC's and 123's. She know knows about 85% of her letters reliably. She often mistakes Q for O and R for B but mostly she knows them, including many of the signs. She also apparently knows almost all of her numbers (0-10) too, which we found out by accident while trying to play uno with Colin. She will count backwards from 5 but doesn't say "one" just smiles.
  • She is much more willing to try to say a word  shes being asked to say, but still refuses on occasion. We are now beyond the point where we can "count" her words, there are simply too many. 
so tall now!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Celebrations.

So much Easter fun for one post!  Like last year we went and had pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. That was not the best photo shoot we've ever had but we got a few cute shots with the bunny.
Bunny Kisses

So cute.

Snow white the bunny was very cooperative.

Probably the best shot of the day.

My sweet boy.

This was the Easter bonnet I made for Colin to wear in his schools Easter Parade. I suggested we put bunny ears on a hat and he said no he wanted the entire bunny.  Mama, pulled a rabbit out of a hat on this one!

We were at Grandma Mo's for Easter morning. Trying to get action photos of the kids looking for eggs was a little difficult. Colin didn't hold still long enough to get the shot and all Meg would do was open eggs and eat the candy!
I should have remembered this from Colin at this age, but Meg was not very interested in looking for eggs once she figured out there was food inside, she just kept eating it. I shouldn't have put 5 jelly beans inside, it took forever.
We got the kids dressed for church in their fancy clothes and they danced around the kitchen for a bit. Meg seemed to really enjoy her dress, she kept swishing the skirt. I saw this dress in an advertisement before gymboree revealed their Easter line and I fell in love.
Taking a picture of two kids is a lot harder than one. They never seem to participate at the same time. I have no idea what face Meg is making in this picture.
Meg wasn't really into it so I tried my old trick of "give your brother a hug". This worked in my favor so I tried my next one..."Colin give Meg a kiss..."
And I got this face from Meghan! What a nut she is.
Not a bad picture of the pair!

A quick family shot, my goodness there is a lot of white in this photo!

The Extended Berry Family!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Let's Go Mets! 2013

Today we took the kids to their first Met's game of the season! It was supposed to be a nice mild 50 degree day with lots of sunshine so it seemed like it might work. Plus, it was the Mr. Met Dash, which means the kids get to run the bases after the game.  As it turns out it was pretty chilly in the stadium since the sun refused to stay out for very long. There was a 50% off ticket promotion so we got nice seats in the baseline box rather than sitting another level up. For most of the game it was a hit fest for the Marlins while the Mets couldn't seem to get on base, but things started to happen in the last few innings making for an exciting game.

Colin put his rally cap on in the bottom of the 9th when the score was Marlins 3 Mets 2 with one man on. The next batter hit a single that got streched into a double and Mets had two men in scoring position with only 1 out.

Colin was playing with the hat and took it off while Marlon Byrd took a ball. We had him put the hat back on rally style (inside out for all you non-baseball aficionados) and CRACK! A game winning walk off double!  The crowd goes wild, and we convince Colin it was all in the hat!
Colin did a happy dance for the next three minutes. It was absolutely adorable! It was a pretty lifeless game up to that point (although Daniel Murphy did hit a solo home run in the 6th bringing out the home run apple which is always a kid pleaser!) so it was great to give Colin a good 1st game. Thanks Mets for making that happen today!
Next, we waited in line for about a half hour with our friends Dr. Jen, Dr. Ryan and Eli to run the bases. Thankfully we were in the sun so while it was chilly it was tolerable. Here is Meg ready to get down and run!
A quick photo opp in the corner of city field before the take off running from first base. Of course Colin thought of this as a race rather than rounding the bases so Daddy and Meghan had to struggle to keep pace.
Colin gives Mr. Met a big high five as he rounds second. I was nervous when I saw Mr. Met looming at second thinking Colin would detour since last year he would not get that close. Obviously in vain, he loved it!
Meghan on the other hand was less than enthusiastic to be greeted by a giant baseball headed man.
Colin crosses home plate after passing a slower moving older child. He must have replayed that pass about 10 times for us on the trip home. I'm pretty sure the other kid slowed up to allow a sibling to catch up but Colin saw it as his chance to make a move! He took the inside track and zoomed by him.  Life is a race when you are 4 years old.
As per our previously agreed upon arrangement, Sean was to carry Meghan until they got close to home plate so I could get the picture of her crossing the plate. When we did this with Colin at this age he started the trip running and got tired and had to be carried across home plate so I planned ahead. Unfortunately  poor Meg did not like the idea of getting down after being approached by the giant baseball head..
She warmed up to the idea a little bit when she got to stand on the shape on the ground. She has a thing (as Colin did at this age) for standing directly on the circle in the center of the elevator. She likes shapes I guess.
Colin hanging onto the dugout for the visiting team. It was pretty cool to get to be so close to everything on the field.
Quick picture with Dad before being shooed off the field. I don't know how long we will live in the city, maybe forever, maybe not, but doing these activities with the kids makes it worth the hassle. Wrestling Meg in the stands isn't the most fun a person can have on a Sunday afternoon but we are making memories!
From the subway platform as we wait for the train.
Let's Go Mets. Lets make somethin' outa nothin'!