Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Celebrations.

So much Easter fun for one post!  Like last year we went and had pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. That was not the best photo shoot we've ever had but we got a few cute shots with the bunny.
Bunny Kisses

So cute.

Snow white the bunny was very cooperative.

Probably the best shot of the day.

My sweet boy.

This was the Easter bonnet I made for Colin to wear in his schools Easter Parade. I suggested we put bunny ears on a hat and he said no he wanted the entire bunny.  Mama, pulled a rabbit out of a hat on this one!

We were at Grandma Mo's for Easter morning. Trying to get action photos of the kids looking for eggs was a little difficult. Colin didn't hold still long enough to get the shot and all Meg would do was open eggs and eat the candy!
I should have remembered this from Colin at this age, but Meg was not very interested in looking for eggs once she figured out there was food inside, she just kept eating it. I shouldn't have put 5 jelly beans inside, it took forever.
We got the kids dressed for church in their fancy clothes and they danced around the kitchen for a bit. Meg seemed to really enjoy her dress, she kept swishing the skirt. I saw this dress in an advertisement before gymboree revealed their Easter line and I fell in love.
Taking a picture of two kids is a lot harder than one. They never seem to participate at the same time. I have no idea what face Meg is making in this picture.
Meg wasn't really into it so I tried my old trick of "give your brother a hug". This worked in my favor so I tried my next one..."Colin give Meg a kiss..."
And I got this face from Meghan! What a nut she is.
Not a bad picture of the pair!

A quick family shot, my goodness there is a lot of white in this photo!

The Extended Berry Family!

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Abbe Macbeth said...

Too cute! Love the bunny photos.