Saturday, May 18, 2013

Meghan's First Haircut.

I did it! I finally took my baby to get her haircut. By some measures I am very early to cut her hair, and by others I am very late. Colin's hair grew in strangely so his first hair cut was at 10 months old, and they buzzed it and I was very sad that all his baby soft hair was gone. Meghan's hair grew in a little more traditionally so I never felt the same urgency to "fix" it. However after 3 or 4 months of having to fix her hair every day to pull the mountain of hair out of her eyes I finally figured cutting it had to be better than leaving it. That combined with the wedding she is going to be in and I was ready. I'm so glad I did! I skipped the child's salon and instead took her to my hair salon to a stylist that I knew and had discussed her hair with previously. It went great. Meghan was hesitant to sit in the chair by herself so I sat her on my lap and gave her Rosie and the pacifier and she just hung out while the stylist gave her the just a slight trim and shaping. If you didn't really know I had done it you probably wouldn't notice. Her curls are very forgiving. But in my eyes it looks so much neater, AND it looks neater from the moment she gets up without much tending to it! Added bonus, she doesn't complain about it being in her eyes anymore.  Here are the Before and After photos.




I had a hard time capturing the after in one photo that gave an accurate representation of the cut. The biggest change is her "bangs" they still sweep to the side, but they are now short enough not to get in her eyes when they fall back across her face. I have not tried pigtails with this new cut yet so I'm not really sure if it will work with the short bangs. But the fact that it looks cute without constant maintenance is a big plus in my book. Hooray for making the right decision. 

On a sad note, while there wasn't much of a first lock to take home, the scraps she did give me wrapped in tin foil fell out of my pocket somewhere (womens pants and their shallow pockets!!). I'm trying not to be too bummed about it, I'll just have to save hair next time we get it cut. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day.

I will apologize right now, this is not the sappy Mother's Day Post that it should be...

I'm just going to go ahead and say it. Since I've become a mother, Mother's Day is the most stressful holiday of the year and seems to be getting worse every year. It doesn't seem like it should be stressfull, Christmas has gifts for everyone, this just has gifts for mothers...but it is different... As a mother, I now more fully appreciate the role my own mother (and mothers in general) played in my life. I understand now, what it takes to be not just have children, but to be a mother. How do you adequately say "Thank You"? There is no gift good enough, no bouquet perfect enough to really express how much I appreciate how great my Mom is. This year things just went from bad to worse in my attempts to not only express my appreciation for my mom (for all the moms in my life) but to actually get it there ON TIME. I am going to put the story down in print, so that at some point I can find it funny, and so that I can remember next year to start earlier.

Unable to really come up with an appropriate "gift" The last few years I've tried to do projects with the kids for all their grandmothers and great grandmother. If you've ever done projects with your children, especially when these projects are meant to be gifts, it's stressful! I'm a Perfectionist, so this year I forced the kids to not only make the 4 we need to give away, but also 2 extra because inevitably at least one will be sub-par and how can I choose which "mom" gets the crappy version.. Nope can't do it, too stressful, so we make extra.

Last year, I came up with the idea pretty last minute, and then the project evolved quite a bit between concept and creation. So this year I planned ahead, I researched and picked out the project in January. But somehow I was still caught off guard, realizing last Sunday I only had a week left. So I picked up the supplies I needed and then had to wrangle the kids into participating... Anyone ever tried to gain the cooperation of an almost 2 year old for a project involving paint? It was less than fun. She didn't want to do it, so I wrestled her into doing it. Next, I had Colin do his part while she freaked out that it wasn't her turn and wanted to do it all again! Then, there is comes my part which involved waiting for additional supplies to arrive... ugh.. Okay so now once the projects are ready, I have to get them IN THE MAIL because I will not see my own mother or grandmother on Mother's day. I don't know what it is with me and the post office but it is my Achilles heal. This year after spending all day on a field trip with Colin, (during which I went on a kiddie roller coaster) I came home with a migraine. Despite it, I really wanted to get the post office to the gifts had a fighting chance of arriving on time. So at 4:10 I pulled myself off the floor (I wish I was exaggerating) and packed the kids into the stroller for the 20ish block walk to the post office, but on the way we had to stop and get cards (an earlier attempt failed because Rite-aids mothers day cards were crappy) not two cards into the process (which is taking even longer than usual because Sean has called three times trying to coordinate meeting us on his way home from work) Colin has to pee. Mind you he went before we left the house, but the kid pounded a 20oz gatorade on the way home from the field trip after being in the sun all day. So we finish picking out the cards and run to the park where there is a public restroom (the kind that the homeless people use...can you tell how desperate I am to get to the post office?) We get into the bathroom and there is someone in the single stall... and they are not coming out... and I can't tell what they are doing, but I'm pretty sure they are not peeing, so we bail.. I look at the clock and it is 4:47, we aren't making it. so I just turn around and go home...and I am seriously pissed off. I have failed (again) to make my mothers Mother's Day special. I did get the gifts in the mail Saturday morning, but that means they will arrive Tuesday, not exactly the Mothers Day surprise I was hoping for.

So Mama, next year, next year is my year! I will do better to show you how much I appreciate everything you've done for me over the last 33 years. I am a better person, a better mother and a better wife because of who you are. I don't say it often enough, but Thanks Mom.

In case you are wondering, these were last years gift...
One child's hand on each side of a vase, and no these are not their hand prints, I traced their hands and made stencils. Meghan was way to young to cooperate for a print. Originally, I wanted to put both kids hands on both sides with Meghan's hands over top of Colin's but after a few attempts it just wasn't working so I simplified.