Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Meghan is 21 months old.

I had hoped to get this post up before we left for Europe but that was just a wee bit too ambitious with all the packing and organizing that was going on. Meghan and Sean are currently sleeping off some jetlag and Colin is at school. Instead of organizing vacation picture into posts I'll have to do this one first. Let's get to it.

Signing "again" so I will make her laugh more

About 85% of the time Meghan is a total joy, she is silly and sweet and a bit of a ham. The other 15% of the time she can be quite the challenge. She likes to get her own way and when she doesn't someone has to pay for it. She has a mile long independent streak that is quite different from her brother. She likes to do things for herself and she isn't dependent on either Sean or I for security when we are out and about...which generally means she is very willing to put good distance between us in order to explore whatever has caught her fancy. The girl never looks back.

Sleeping: Naps seem to be on the move to a later time. Colin's school pick up makes it so I either have to get her down before 12 or not until after 2:30.. I think her preferred time would be around 12:30/ 1:00 but that means I have to wake her up and I really don't like doing that. Just trying to hold on until school is over at the end of June. For now it seems like its every other or every third day that she waits until after pick-up for her nap..Unfortunately it is totally unpredictable which makes getting errands and chores done very difficult. 

  • Rosie and the paci. Meghan has renamed them Booboo and boppy. Boppy I think is a combinaction of paci and bobo (her babysitter calls it a bobo), but I have no idea where booboo came from, she also invented her own sign for Rosie which seems to combine the signs for sleep and elephant. At least she is creative!
  • LD. We went to LD's birthday party right before we left for vacation and these two kids were adorable. I put pictures up on facebook but I'll have to get them on here as well. So cute.
  • Anything Colin currently has. I suppose this is typical for siblings but it is pretty funny how tuned in she is to his interests. So far we don't see a whole lot of full blown girly girl behavior (requesting dresses or princess gear or even selectively choosing pink or purple accessories) but my guess is this is because she is mostly exposed to all of her brothers preferences and wants to be just like him. He is currently going through a pink and purple phase himself, which is likely brought on by having a little sister so I guess it goes both ways.
  • Shoes. She loves picking out and putting on her own shoes . This sometimes means she wears footwear that does not match her outfit as well as it could but I'm going to be flexible on this one figuring that I will have bigger fish to fry later. She is just starting to get picky about socks too and will request a specific color (usually purple or green, but sometimes yellow) when I go to put socks on her. Generally it is whatever color I didn't happen to pick out for her.
  • Balls. I don't really know if this is simply a Colin spin off or not but she shares her big brothers affinity toward balls.  
  • Dips! Meghan loves to dip food. Mostly she just exclusively eats the dip leaving behind the food but not always. Hummus, peanut butter dip, dressing, ketchup... loves it.
  • Coloring. Colin wasn't ever into coloring much at this age, but Meghan really seems to enjoy it.

Curly MeggieSue. The cut really brought out the curls, who would have thought!

  • Tomatos. There are not a whole lot of foods Meghan consistently refuses but raw tomatoes is one of them. Can't say I blame her, I'm not a fan myself.
  • Having her hair brushed after the bath. I generally have to chase her around the house to get it done, but it happens. It isn't because there are knots or anything, the brush goes smoothly through her hair, I just don't think she likes the feeling of the brush on her head.  Sorry kid. 

 New and Notable:

  • Expressions. All of a sudden she has picked up on some expressions which just crack me up. When she feels like there is some injustice she says "Hey" in a very lyrical way that just cracks me up. She also will show disgust for something (for example telling her we don't have any lollipops) with a little grunt. She also gets some mileage out of the tongue out raspberry, which is really hard not to laugh at when it is done with such innocence, but since I can see this going bad I'm trying not to encourage it. 
  • Self dressing. She can put her shoes on by herself and is showing interest in doing other clothes too but isn't quite coordinated enough yet. She also tries to get her own pajamas off in the morning when she is ready to get dressed. I suspect this also has to do with watching her big brother do it by himself.

Chubby cheeks are giving way to high cheek bones. 

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